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Top 5 things to do on Weekend to organize entire week.

Today's world is moving fast. We don't have time to pause and take a breath. Specially on a Monday morning, it's like a war zone. But if we try to put a few things in order, it will ensure that our week goes by smoothly. Yes, no doubt we want to relax and enjoy on weekends, that's fair. But if we can devote some time for below tips, our mornings can be smooth for workdays too.

1. Sort/Tidy-Up Your House:
Do the chores around the house. Empty all your bins. Clean and keep ready all bedding required for the week ahead. Throw towels in the washing machine. Clean out the fridge and restock. Put everything back where it belongs and purge old newspaper and magazines. Completing these simple tasks will give you a lot of breathing space in the coming week.
2. Plan your meals for the week:

Plan what you will eat based on what you already have, or shop beforehand to avoid any last minute grocery shop visits. It's less stressful if you can simply prepare what you have planne…

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