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Top 7 Foods that keep you hydrated

It is a known fact that our body cannot function properly if it is dehydrated. Water comprises almost 60 percent of our body weight. All the nutritionists, diet and health experts always emphasize to drink water throughout the day. Many essential vitamins and minerals are water soluble and can be easily absorbed when body is hydrated. Water is required for good digestion, getting toxins/waste out of the body and transporting oxygen. Water is Life!!

Although it's recommended to drink lots of water throughout the day, it's difficult to consume plain water in more quantities. Instead we can also increase water intake by adding water rich foods to our diet. Water rich foods helps in losing weight and give collagen and elastin a boost, which means younger looking skin and stronger muscles. H2O rich foods are low in calories hence less weight gain.

There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that are full of H2O. Below we have a list of hydrates easily available which can keep you…

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