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Innovative ways to use the wastewater from RO Purifiers

September 20, 2018
People previously used to just boil water and use it, old aged people question that then why to use a purifier when you can just use the boiled water for drinking. But how can you forget the fact that it consumes a lot of gas and if you are doing it by electricity then a lot of electricity will be consumed? And there are chances that few essential minerals can be missed in this process.
Innovative ways to use the wastewater from RO Purifiers - Noteablelists

Meditation And Hypertension- A Much Needed Connection EXPLORED

September 14, 2018

In today’s world, life has become synonymous with race. Nobody has the privilege to pause or stroll. Everyone is expected to run, run and only run. Be it for the young kids, who run haplessly to catch up with their academic syllabus and to satiate the expectations set on their tender shoulders by their parents and teachers, or the youngsters who race with each other in college admissions, jobs, and even love, and aged people struggle for receiving care, affection and even time, from their children. Given the scenario which is prevalent worldwide, it is not an understatement to conclude that almost 70% of the population has increased stress levels and subsequent increase in their blood pressures. The increased blood pressure or hypertension, as it is called technically has become a common issue even for people below 30 years of age. Though it might sound like a disorder, hypertension is a serious cause for concern and can become lethal if left unattended and uncared. The increase in blood pressure causes strain to all the vital organs of the body resulting in irreparable damage.
Meditation And Hypertension- A Much Needed Connection EXPLORED

Best Foods To Prevent Acne And Blackheads

September 05, 2018
Prevention is always better than cure. Pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads are all different types of acne. Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that causes boils, breakouts, dark bumps or whiteheads on the skin.  Blackheads are small dark bumps that are caused by the clogging of pores of the skin with elements like dead cells, oils, dirt, and dust that is present in the environment. This then enters the pores of the skin and gets clogged up into the oily pores causing blackheads. Blackheads and acne happen due to many reasons like oily skin, hormonal issues, and lack of hygiene, perspiration, and irritation of the skin. A good diet helps keep acne and blackheads at bay.

The Problem of Acne
Best Foods To Prevent Acne And Blackheads - Noteablelists

Diabetic Shoes for Women

September 03, 2018
In 2012, the estimated incremental burden of diabetic foot ulceration in all of the United States was $9.1–13 billion. People with diabetes can have damaged body parts, specially lower parts of body such as feet. Diabetic patients have a higher risk of developing foot problems due to poor circulation of blood. One such option to ease you life can be Diabetic shoes. These specially designed shoes promote healthy circulation of blood. 

What are Diabetic Shoes? 

Diabetic shoes are also known as Sugar shoes. These are specially designed shoes which can reduce the risks of skin breakdown and promote healthy circulation of blood. The main purpose of this footwear is to prevent complications for diabetic patients. 
Diabetic Shoes for Women - Noteablelists

Trim Your Waistline Quickly With Effective HIIT Workouts

September 03, 2018
For anyone struggling to lose weight, the effective HIIT workouts can truly serve to be a boon. This special exercise methodology is highly proficient in delivering fast results in terms of weight loss, toning of the muscles, better cardiovascular health and more.
Trim Your Waistline Quickly With Effective HIIT Workouts - Noteablelists

12 Easy Ways To Maintain Dental And Oral Hygiene

August 31, 2018
All our health maintenance starts with our living which includes brushing, regular bathing, timely eating habit, proper cleaning of all parts of the body, neat and tidy clothes. Our deal is to lead a healthy life at the same time enjoy our life. Isn’t? Let us now have a quick check on the following for better oral prophylaxis. Why do I focus on oral health? because oral health is the mirror of a total body system.
12 Easy Ways To Maintain Dental And Oral Hygiene - Noteablelists

One, Proper brushing habit (the brushing must be from inside out or in the up-down-up method). Many of us are ready to brush regularly, but proper brushing is the matter of concern. The second method of cleaning teeth is rotation motion. This is moving the brush in a clockwise direction, so that the bristles in the brush reaches all the parts of the teeth and gives plaque free teeth. “The whitening of the teeth is never required” if followed, brushing two times a day. All the debris is easily be removed out. 

Top 6 Foods that Burn Belly Fat Naturally

August 31, 2018
People are usually called fat when they have a bigger body or in most cases when they have a belly fat. Losing belly fat is one of the biggest concerns of individuals nowadays. Millions of people are struggling to get rid of their belly fat but fail to get the results as it is not as easy as it seems. It requires an immense amount of dedication and motivation in order to lose belly fat. Yes, you also need to make certain changes in your lifestyle, food habits, daily routine, etc, if you really want to get back in shape or want healthy body naturally.

To lose weight, you must make changes in your diet and eating pattern as well. There are also certain foods that you can add to your diet that helps you lose body weight effectively and naturally.
Top 6 Foods that Burn Belly Fat Naturally - Noteablelists

Below we are listing the top 6 foods that you should try to lose belly fat:

The 10 Best Yoga Positions During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery

August 29, 2018
The word ‘pregnancy’ gives happiness and indicates a whole new chapter in one's life. however, it can make you nervous when the word delivery is heard! Isn’t it ladies?  The unbearable pain during the whole childbirth experience can give you nightmares. Here, Yoga can be used to favour our body muscles specially the thigh region, in the following ways during pregnancy:

The 10 Best Yoga Positions During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery - Noteablelists

Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy:

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