Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking
Are you unhappy when you see Instagram worthy pics of perfect "so called" life of friends and colleagues on Social media?

Are you afraid of being "too" happy, that something might go wrong?

Are you those people which enter a room full of cheerful and happy people but are able to only find faults in everything?

Is your glass half-empty or half-full?

Bothered with your negative thoughts and attitude towards life?

This subject is becoming popular nowadays and loads of self help books, lectures and camps are mushrooming claiming to help.

Is it really this easy to switch from negative to positive mode....nope.

Our thoughts and attitudes do not change in a short time as they have become our habits. In order to turn your back towards the negative and walk in sunshine, a lot of effort is required. 

Over the years researches have shown the health benefits of positive thinking which includes:

Less stress and depression, increased immunity, better psychological health,
and balanced life approach, Life span increase.

Positive thinking doesn't mean that we ignore our problems and pretend that they don't exist. It just means that you approach the problem in a positive way for the best solution.

Are you a negative self talker?

example- You had a fulfilling day at home. All the work or tasks for the day were taken care of. Everything finished before time, but still you feel that it's not enough even if a tea cup 

Change Habit:

Focus on self-acceptence rather than self-criticism.It doesn't happens as fast as you would want, but try and check yourself after regular intervals.

How to generate positive emotions:

As small as they can be, try to focus on good things, learn from mistakes, try to live in present moment and do not dwell on past or worry about future, surround yourself with positive people.

How you live your life is decided greatly by your attitude...:-)


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  1. This was such an inspiring read! I really needed this today. You are an amazing writer. Keep it up :)

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  3. Great blog & with great knowledge 😊Keep writing brother..



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