Tips for loosing weight

There are numerous sources available online where you can get thousands of tips to lose weight. However most of them are tough to follow and leave you hungry, sad and overall unsatisfied. We have listed below some tips for losing weight which are realistic and easy to follow. You may not see a drastic weight loss but will see a considerable weight loss over a period of time which will stay. As per Best Dietitian :

  1. Be realistic: Weight loss expectation should be realistic. Set an achievable goal. 
  2. Get more active: Exercise while watching TV.  For example, you can cycle on a recumbent exercise bike at home while reading on your tab or watching your favorite TV shows easily. Start gardening. Walk to wherever you can. Take the stairs instead of elevators. Do housework yourself. Save some bucks too!!
  3. Make a diet plan: Know What You Must Eat (And What You Must Avoid), What foods contain the essential nutrients – Get professional help if you can.
  4. Hydration: Most essential for people trying to lose weight and flush out toxins from the body. Read more about hydrating foods here.
  5. Go vegetarian:
  6. Eat frequent small meals: chew the food properly to aid in digestion process.
  7. Snacks: Eat regular snacks instead of junk food. Your best bet would be nuts, yogurt and fruits.
  8. Don’t Skip Meals: Never ever!! 
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