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Social messaging and relationships

Now a days young generation is getting addicted to the various messaging platforms. It’s more of an addiction rather than convenience. Messaging creates a connection with everyone in your life. But sometimes opposite is the case. People are so much occupied with messaging services like whatsapp that they forget what is a real and what is not.

Lately i have experienced at many places public or otherwise, people are so much busy in chatting with online friends that they have started to forget the beauty and the need for face to face and personal interactions. Even immediate family members are ignored as a result.

I agree when it’s the only option in case we are separated by countries or city. Then messaging apps like whatsapp are a necessity. They allow us to call, share and communicate with less expense.
But what about natural ways of communicating like sitting in a group at a park or at home. Talking our heart out face to face. People actually taking out time for you out of their schedule to see you face to face.

Let’s face it, any apology, discussion or communication cannot be delivered as effectively as with the tone of your voice and face expressions. Any emoji cannot deliver that.

These days no body has the required time be in constant touch with everyone in their life. Hence apps,services like whatsapp were invented. They were an option for times we are busy and have to communicate something on time. Initially we had phone devices to call and talk. But now we type and hit send, leave the rest to internet.

Technology when used in moderation or else it’s a curse.

What do you say? Let me know..:-)

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