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Ways to simplify life and live stress free

Live stress free

Our lives today can be full of chaos. We want to do a lot of things in a very little time. Despite putting our best efforts we sometimes can become overwhelmed. Don’t allow this chaos to weigh you down.
However, making a simple and stress free life can be a difficult process in itself. Read more here about Ways to instantly uplift your mood.

There are many important aspects in our life like Work, Home and relationships, etc. We must try and simplify each aspect little by little one at a time.

Simplify your relationships by setting up boundaries in or limiting negative relationships. Try and nurture relationships with those who are truly important to you.

Your home too must be a place of Zen for you. A simple and clutter free home gives you the calm and peace required.

Simplify and control your mind by meditation and by taking out time for yourself. Complain less and expect less from people around you.

Learn to say ‘No’, if things are not visible on your priority list.
We have to understand that we cannot do it all and we don’t need to.

Learn to love your “me” time with no guilt. Not only it’s good for you it’s necessary to reconnect with yourself and keep your sanity.

Focus on one task at a time and then move on to next.

Have offline time too. No gadgets or internet. Go Online only at a pre-decided time and set the time limit to finish replying to what’s important. Similarly give less time to media and newspapers. Only take in what’s important for you and leave the rest. Reject the negativity.

Live closer to your workplace and save commute time.
Try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Healthy body leads to healthy mind.

Make time for people and things that are truly important to you.

Have more to add to above leave a comment and let me know.

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