Top 10 Things To Keep In Your Purse

Your purse is your best friend as it houses the most essential items you need, use and want to keep with you all day long. Here is my list of top things to keep in your purse that will keep you
organized, fix any wardrobe malfunction and help in case of emergencies.

1. Makeup Pouch

If you are a makeup person most of the time, it's better to carry a makeup pouch which fits inside your Purse. You can keep all your makeup neatly inside it without having to empty your purse everytime to find that one small item. Using a pouch can save your other items from getting smudged with makeup.

2. Hair ties and hairbrush

Hair ties help you to manage your hair in case of sudden rain or when mercury is touching 100 degrees or simply you want your hair off your face.

3. Safety Pins Or Sewing Kit

In case of a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of the day and you are out at work or meetings. safety pin and mini sewing kit can be your lifesaver.

4. A notebook/Planner with a pen

Ideas, errands, things to do or Random thoughts can come to your mind anytime. Make sure to write them down so you don't forget.

5. Pack of tissues/Wipes

Absolutely essential if you carry makeup or have baby with you.

6. Healthy snack

For hunger pangs while you are out. Try to keep them healthy and neatly packed to avoid any spills inside your purse.

7. Spare battery for cell phones

We carry half of our lives in our cellphones and tablets. Better have a spare battery or a portable charger in your purse at all times.

8. Health insurance card

Most important and useful. If (God forbid) you end up in an accident and need hospitalization, you’ll need to have your health insurance card for immediate use.

9. Emergency Contact Information

Having this information in you purse can be a lifesaver when you can not speak for yourself in case of emergencies and accidents.

10. Aspirin

If you don't want to spoil your whole day with a sudden headache, carry this item in your bag for sure.

Got any more? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. I agree with these, though my list will just get this numbered from bottom to top because I'm such a jumpy person when it comes to emergency needs. Best of all, you need your own identification card!

  2. I really found this article useful and helpful. Thanks for sharing. I carry most of them along with me though.

  3. I am also pretty much always carrying all of the following, YES to the wet wipes, those have saved me so many times when out and about, from grabbing a railing that was sticky or disgusting toilets. I have to agree with Esme too, I always keep my ID on me when I am out of the home.

  4. I keep most of these things in my bag too. The point about keeping emergency contact info is a really good one. I'll defiantly be adding that to my bag!

  5. Definitely a great list here. I agree with tissues, I find I need them far more than I ever anticipated. I also have to have a pen with me!

  6. I definitely keep hair ties, a notebook, pen, and wipes in my purse! I can leave my house without them. Great list!

  7. It is pretty close to what i always carry around. But as I don't always have space for everything my minimum is spare battery, tissues and a comb. wallet+phone+docs are out of question

  8. I only carry my insurance card whenever I have a Dr's appointment but you are right, you never know when you are going to need it. Great post!

  9. Yes definitely true I carrying all of these things except a spare battery for my phone although I do carry my charger everywhere I go


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