Honestly speaking it’s embarrassing to see how something like LOVE can be reduced to commercial crap these days. I find it really sad how LOVE is measured on Valentine’s day.

Commercialisation of any Holiday is done nowadays to make sure that we are spending our hard earned money on useless things.

Holidays should be seen as an opportunity for quality time together with family and friends. Instead now it’s more about extravagant gifts.

There are so many reasons i dislike/hate Valentine’s day:

1. All you can watch on TV are those valentine’s day special episodes.

2. Unnecessary expense.

3. Too much pressure and focus on the Gift.

4. Unrealistic expectations from your significant other. Sometimes unknowingly.

5. Restaurants have Queues and you have to wait.

6. The unreasonably hiked price you pay for those flowers which will die anyway in few days.

7. Everything is pink/red or variations.

8. Single people unnecessarily feel depressed.

9. What the hell do you get for a guy as a gift?

I personally do not like the idea of choosing one specific day to show our love and affection. The fact we are there for our near and dear ones every moment of our life counts more.

There’s no way to escape this overhyped day but please do remember to show your love everyday to people who matter. Call them and talk to them. Even better visit in person and make Valentine’s day count for the right reasons.

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21 thoughts on “Top 9 Reasons Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. Honestly, I don't really pay attention to this holiday and this year my husband won't be in town, but really, it doesn't affect me in the least. Last year we moved in together on Valentine's Day… Which I guess is the ultimate "date"… No? LOL! Next week when my husband is gone I plan on watching ALL THE GIRLY things because well, I dont want to torture him! LOL!

  2. I still do the flowers thing, like many people. But they are always overpriced and, like you said, they are gone in a matter of days. Better to at least buy something that lasts!

  3. Haha! Like this blog and 100% agree! Very expensive and highly commercialised for one day of joy. Doesnt really make sense does it!

  4. I really avoid flower shops and restaurants on Valentine's Day. Everything is inflated. It really is a day, similar to Christmas and Father's Day etc thats heavily commercialized. But I will admit that I do love to get my baby nieces and nephews something special!

  5. This is the third post i have read today about valentines day. I really like this one. I hate valentines day too lol and not just because i am single but because of all the extra that comes with the day. I can so relate to this post.

  6. Those unrealistic expectations are the ones I've experienced and what grinds my gears. Nevertheless, I still stand optimistic and hope that people see the day as a motivational turn.

  7. I get you! The day is what we make it out to be. When we see something as commercialized, it is never as meaningful as when it is something from the heart. I say we drop the pressure and simply live love & authenticity each and everyday.

  8. I think people don't get the real meaning of Valentines it's to celebrate LOVE in all the ways no just in a couple way!! I def think we should celebrate love everyday

  9. Love should be celebrated every day, not only on Valentine's Day. The 14th of February is just another commercial day, when businesses earn more money though people who buy flowers, gifts, go to expensive meals. It's all marketing I would say.

  10. I can relate to this, I think love is to be celebrated any day you choose, but I also do enjoy the love that radiates around on Valentines Day too 🙂

  11. I feel the same about the way Christmas is celebrated, and to be honest, a lot of the complaints people voice about Valentine's Day can be applied to Christmas equally. Valentines was always a lighthearted and fun day in my house growing up, and I've kept it that way as an adult- much to the appreciated of my partner. 🙂

  12. I definitely agree with you! Love is something you should express on daily basis, not just on Valentines day. So, it becomes quite ridiculous..

  13. You have speak for me. Thank you for this post! Love it! Love is not measure by that day only! If you don't receive flower on the day, doesnt mean you dont your boy friend and husband dont love you. Furthermore everything is kind of double up the price on V day!

  14. agree! The headline attract me so here I am:))) tbh I don't like people celebrating for every festival for commercial and forget the meaning of that festival. Thanks for sharing

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