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Top 9 Reasons Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

Honestly speaking it’s embarrassing to see how something like LOVE can be reduced to commercial crap these days. I find it really sad how LOVE is measured on Valentine’s day.

Commercialisation of any Holiday is done nowadays to make sure that we are spending our hard earned money on useless things.

Holidays should be seen as an opportunity for quality time together with family and friends. Instead now it’s more about extravagant gifts.

There are so many reasons i dislike/hate Valentine’s day:

1. All you can watch on TV are those valentine’s day special episodes.

2. Unnecessary expense.

3. Too much pressure and focus on the Gift.

4. Unrealistic expectations from your significant other. Sometimes unknowingly.

5. Restaurants have Queues and you have to wait.

6. The unreasonably hiked price you pay for those flowers which will die anyway in few days.

7. Everything is pink/red or variations.

8. Single people unnecessarily feel depressed.

9. What the hell do you get for a guy as a gift?

I personally do not like the idea of choosing one specific day to show our love and affection. The fact we are there for our near and dear ones every moment of our life counts more.

There‚Äôs no way to escape this overhyped day but please do remember to show your love everyday to people who matter. Call them and talk to them. Even better visit in person and make Valentine’s day count for the right reasons.

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