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Top 10 Reasons To Cook At Home

Those people who cook at home regularly, truly understand the benefits of home cooked food both in terms of taste and health. Although, there are many advantages of cooking at home, most people probably haven’t given it a thought. Below is my list to know why cooking at home is always the best.

1. Economical:

Home cooked food is any day cheaper than outside food. Simply compare the bill for a dinner of two at a fine-dining restaurant with amount spent in one time dinner preparation at home. This will clearly give you an insight how cheaper home cooked food can be.

2. Healthier choice:

Home cooked food is nutritious. This is due to the fact that it does not have any preservatives or artificial additives. While preparing food with our own hands in our kitchen we automatically raise
the hygiene factor also. Since all the ingredients are chosen and known to us we can automatically calculate approximate nutritional value of what we consume. Home cooked is any day a far more
superior option than restaurant food. You can also control amount of oil, sodium and sugar which is the cause of many lifestyle diseases.

3. Flexibility in terms of taste:

Cooking at home gives you flexibility to decide the timing, taste and portions of your food. In a mood for spicy food go for it. Not much hungry, have a salad or smoothie. Add or delete as per your wish.

4. Fast and convenient:

Any good restaurant have reservations or long waiting time. Home delivery is no good either as you don’t know how your food is packaged and delivered. Cooking at home is much more convenient timewise.

5. Suits your taste requirement:

Every individual has a specific taste liking. Outside food may not confirm to your taste buds always. You end up paying so much for something you don’t even like most of the times.

6. Portion size as per your wish:

Eating out restricts your portion size as per the restaurants wish. If you have more food on your plate it gets wasted. On the other hand if less food is there you end up ordering more, which you may not be able to finish. Cook at home and adjust portion size as per your wish. Leftovers can be freezed and can be used next day.

7. No additives and unwanted chemicals:

The biggest disadvantage with outside food is the level of cleanliness, use of unwanted chemicals and additives. Home cooked food any day is superior in this case. Home cooked meal is fresh and clean.

8. Socializing opportunity:

Invite your family or friends and involve them also. It’s fun and relaxing too.

9. Learn and transfer your heritage recipes:

Collect your grandma and great grandma’s recipes. Learn, cook and share this heritage with everyone. Pass down these to your next generation.

10. Control your Diet:

If you are trying to increase or decrease weight, then home cooked meals are your best bet. People having home cooked meals are healthier and can avoid a lot of lifestyle related problems. No
need to worry about your allergies as you know exactly what is in your plate.

You have more to add to the list. Please let me know in the comments below.

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