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Top 4 Ways to Defeat Distractions

Too many unplanned time outs from your workflow all day long will make you miss your deadlines. These time outs or distractions can be due to constant IMs, email pings or extra friendly colleagues stopping by frequently. It can affect your productivity and quality of work.

Internet is one mass destruction weapon. It’s hugely distractive. One minute you are attending an online lecture next minute you cannot exit candy crush saga. Constant status updates and pings from various social media apps attract us to pick phones every time.

Top 4 Ways to Defeat Distractions

It’s a daily battle nowadays to use our time productively due to too much internet.

Here are 4 tips to help you to get down to business :

1. Schedule Entire Day

Have a to do list and schedule your entire day around it. You can prioritize and pick most important things to be done when you are most attentive and focused, like in the mornings.

2. Block or Hide Distractions

There are extensions available for browsers like LeechBlock or StayFocused to block sites that distract you. Trust me these work.

3. Avoid Distracting Coworkers

Many distractions come in the form of co-workers in the office. If you have over friendly co-workers then a good pair of headphones can be of great help. when we see someone working with headphones on, the usual reaction is that the person is busy with himself and it may be not a good time to disturb them.

Top 4 Ways to Defeat Distractions

4. Train Your Brain to Focus

Even if you block out distractions with headphones or block distracting websites, your own brain can be tricky to be dealt with. This has one simple solution – Meditation.

What do you think? Have more to add let me know in the comments below.

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