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6 Tips To Control Sugar Cravings

Just had your full meal, still cannot keep your hands away from that candy bar. Mid night snacks of processed foods or reaching out for that sugar packed soda when emotional, are all sugar cravings.
There are a number of factors which can cause you sugar addiction. It can range from fatigue, anxiety, depression to hormonal imbalance. All these are reasons for sugar cravings.

It’s essential that you can identify underlying health issue and work towards controlling/curing it. Always consult a qualified medical practitioner for the same. Sugar cravings are really difficult to handle and may attack at strange timings.

6 Tips To Control Sugar Cravings

Tips to Control Sugar Cravings:

1. Avoid Desserts:

Desserts have questionable nutritional value. They are full of sugar and can increase blood sugar.
Instead of desserts go for a naturally sweet fruit which is full of fiber, water and vitamins.
You can also try chocolate, greek yogurt or dates.

2. Reduce Sugary Drinks:

Most of the popular drinks contain added sugar. These are disguised in fancy names like Energy drinks, Flavored drinks, Sports drinks or Sodas. Take a minute and read the contents. They are full of nothing but empty calories which will make you gain weight.

Instead reach out for plain water(zero calories) or homemade lemonade with honey. If you want to have fruit juice get it from a real fruit. Reducing sugary drink means direct sugar reduction in your diet and no weight gain.

3. Read contents and learn their meanings on food packages:

Canned foods for example have added sugar. Try to find options where it’s mentioned “no added sugar”. Same goes for any packaged food items. Try and understand different names by which sugar may be hiding in the ingredients list like Maltose, Dextrose, Molasses, etc.

4. Avoid snacks which are specially “Healthy”:

Snacks which are advertised as healthy like protein bars can contain sugar.
Instead of these carry a small pack of nuts with you which are healthy. Nuts are full of protein and good fats.

5. Consume Whole Foods:

Whole foods are those foods which have not undergone any kind of processing or refining, hence they are free of any artificial additives. They are free from any emulsifiers or artificial flavoring or colors. Avoid highly processed food like junk food and try to cook at home from scratch.

6. Avoid Sugar-Filled Breakfast options:

Food like cereals, granola, pancakes, muffins are all loaded with sugar. Instead choose Oatmeal and boiled eggs which will keep you full till lunch time and help to curb sugar cravings.

Do something to keep you busy like socializing, sports or exercise to keep your mind off the cravings. Have a good sleep and avoid stress. Lead an active healthy lifestyle that makes you strong physically and mentally.

In time if you manage to follow above tips your cravings will be weaker and less frequent.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are collected by various internet sources and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of these views. Above article should not be considered as a substitute for Doctor’s advice. Please consult your treating Physician for more details.

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