After a long day of hardwork in our workplaces we look forward to going back and relax in our nest. Home is where we can be ourselves and be free. Mere mention of Home makes us happy. It is also that place where we spend a lot of our time sleeping, cooking, partying and storing our belongings.

Apart from the emotional wellbeing there is a physical well being attached to it. How clean and healthy our homes are, directly impacts our health. We may feel safe and happy at home but there can be many reasons it has which are unhealthy for us.

Below i have shared some ways which can make your home more healthy:

1. Clean up clutter:

Remove clutter and do not let it accumulate. Clutter is a great place for germs, dust and rodents to survive. Anything which you don’t use and will not be using it in future, get rid of it. If it holds any sentimental or financial value store in a proper place and keep it maintained.

Clean and Healthy Home - 10 Tips and Tricks clean home

2. Look for lead paint

Although there are lead free paints available, in case your home is old, get it checked for lead paint.

3. Healthy Kitchen

Kitchen is the main source of waste in a household. All food waste and their smell invites a lot of pests and germs. Clear out dustbins and waste bins everyday before going to sleep. Do not leave any food item unattended or open. Clean spills and spots as soon as you see them. Always keep dustbins covered with lids. Damp sponges, washcloths, kitchen sink are always full of germs. Make sure to change kitchen sponge regularly and sanitize it properly. Kitchen sink should be kept dry and disinfected regularly.

4. Use safe products for cleaning and pest-control

Pest control and cleaning products may contain harmful chemicals which can hamper your health and aggravate your allergies. Always check labels and select environment friendly and human friendly products.

5. Keep home dry

Moisture invites germs and moulds. Try to keep your bathroom and kitchen moisture free by fixing plumbing and any leaks. Seal any cracks or openings in walls and floors.

6. home should be ventilated:

Always look for proper ventilation in your homes. Flow of fresh air keeps house feeling and smelling fresh. A well-ventilated house reduces indoor asthma triggers. 

7. Do regular home maintenance

This is an essential step for a healthy home. Do a half yearly check for leaking taps and water pipes. Make sure you tackle any kind of infestation before it invades your house.

8. Attack things/places which can attract germs

Replace your toothbrush regularly and always try to keep them dry and away from touching. Other places include wash basins, bath area and toilet seats. Use and dry as soon as possible. Should be disinfected regularly. 

9. Change your heating and air filters regularly

This is essential to keep germs from accumulating and circulating. Low humidity helps to prevent mites, mold and allergies.

10. Stop dust and germs at the entry

Try to stop germs and dust from entering inside the house by stopping it at the entry door itself. Use door mats at the front and back entrances. These mats will reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria which enters your home.

Clean and healthy home is the key to a happy and healthy life.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are collected by various internet sources and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of these views. Above article should not be considered as a substitute for Professional advice. Please consult qualified professional for more details.

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