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Top Anti-Aging Foods List for Women

People do a lot of things to make their skin glow and shoo the signs of aging away. There are many cosmetic products in the market which promises wrinkle-free and radiant skin. However, no matter what you are applying to your face and body, they are in the end reaching only the surface of your skin. The best way to get a blemish and fine lines away from your face is to go for the natural methods. To get the skin free of aging signs, first and foremost you should eat right. Here is a list of some food which will postpone and even whisk away all signs of aging.

Anti Aging Food List


Who is not familiar with the ‘brain’ like nuts? We all have heard that this fruit is awesome for maintaining the health of the brain. Yes, that is definitely true. But the less known fact about this fruit is that it helps in keeping the acne away. In addition to it, skin problems like eczema also remain at bay with the regular intake of this nut. Have one or two on a daily basis.

Other benefits of Walnuts:


Oats have low-glycemic. This property is beneficial for skin as low-glycemic foods help in reduction of anti aging problems like pimples and acne. People who suffer from these skin problems lose the radiance and moisture of the skin at very quick pace. This makes their skin look aged and dull. To avoid this, incorporate oats into your diet instead of food bread, rice etc for your breakfast. Oats also help to repair skin damage.

Other benefits of Oats:


This tiny green fruit has antioxidant properties. This helps in delaying the appearance of wrinkles. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and E content and this is one of the reasons it avoids wrinkles to appear on the skin. It also helps to prevent damage caused to the skin due to harsh weather conditions like rain and strong winds.

Other benefits of Kiwi:


Most people are familiar with the fact that carrots are good for our eyes. Well, that is true. Few people know that carrots are rich in vitamin A and this vitamin is helpful in slowing down the signs of aging on our skin. It makes the skin tight. So have ‘healthy eyes’ and ‘beautiful skin’ together by consuming carrots.

Other benefits of Carrots:


Avocado has many benefits for the skin and that includes anti-aging also. The presence of a compound in this fruit known as glutathione supports anti-aging process. In addition to this, the fruit is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin B-complex which helps in nourishing and hydrating the skin. The skin glows and remains healthy from inside if you continue the intake of this fruit in your diet.


Some researchers have shown that in the areas where blueberries are easily available, people incorporate these into their daily diets. It was observed that these people look much younger than people of the same age who did not eat these awesome berries. Blueberries maintain the longevity of healthy skin as they have an antioxidant called anthocyanins. This compound helps prevent the cellular damage to the skin which is caused by the free radicals in the body.

Whole Grains

If you want to look young and beautiful for long years, then immediately replace the white rice and flour from your diet. In simple words, go for whole grains instead of refining grains.  Refined grains are the cause of increased insulin levels in the body which in turn results in inflammation and this is one of the biggest causes of skin damage. To get rid of anti aging issue, whole grains are a good source of selenium, which helps to prevent the skin damage due to exposure to the UV rays.  This means that even if you get exposed to little amount of UV rays, your whole grain diet can compensate for the damage and eventually, your beauty will be retained.

Green Tea

Green tea is a boon for the skin as t helps in a great deal to make skin look younger and healthy. It has polyphenols, anti-inflammatory substances, and on-oxidant. All these ingredients work or the betterment of the skin. Polyphenols help to improve the texture of the skin, antioxidants obstruct wrinkles and polyphenols cut all the risks of skin cancer. Replace your regular tea with green tea and make yourself appear decades younger than your actual age.


When people think of fish, all they reminisce is that it has fats, and fats are negative and cause weight gain. Fish contain a content known as omega-3 fatty acids which is helpful in moisturizing the skin and makes it healthy. The skin remains toned and firm with the intake of this fat in the body. This benefit of fatty-acid will definitely make you feel the youth for a long time. Salmon and Sardines are most preferred for this purpose.

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