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5 Best Foods that Helps you get a Sound Sleep

A fulfilling sleep helps you wake up refreshed. Make your mornings good after you’ve had your fill of sufficient sleep. Below mentioned are the 5 best foods that actually helps you get a sound sleep.

“Every closed eye is not sleeping and every open eye is not seeing”

by Bill Cosby. 

This might have an inherent meaning but it quite sarcastically also refers to those who stay wide awake at night and look for a chance to doze off in the working hours. Taking a catnap during office hours definitely does not give an impression of a diligent employee. It affects your relationship in your workplace and your personal life is definitely at stake.
You will lose out on important projects and your co-workers will garner all the attention while you’ll be left behind labelled as the sleepyhead.
You know, these days, gadgets have changes the way we live, so much so that it even affects our sleep cycle. Stop binging on social media and start binging on these sleep-inducing foods.
But before that, let’s understand about the foods that helps you get a healthy sleep through out the night. You should always prefer such foods before bedtime that are rich in tryptophan. This is an amino acid that raises serotonin levels needed to make melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep cycles.
1. Fish

Fish is rich in tryptophan and Vitamin B6 that helps in melatonin production. Your sleep pattern will improve over days and you’ll definitely wake up all alert meaning serious business.
5 Best Foods that Helps you get a Sound Sleep

2. Milk

Take a cue from babies. It is a granny prescription that for a good night’s sleep, it is a must that you sip on a glass of warm milk before bed. Try it and you’ll sleep like a baby all night long.
3. Walnuts

These nuts are those magic potions that help you fall asleep better.
5 Best Foods that Helps you get a Sound Sleep
4. Chamomile Tea

This is your sleep potion served in a cup. Sip on a cup of chamomile tea 30 minutes before bedtime and redefine your sleep habits.

5. Dark leafy Greens

Potassium, magnesium and calcium are the three minerals that help promote sleep and leafy greens are great sources of these minerals. Let Popeye be your inspiration!
Try these foods for few days and I bet that you can see a drastic change in your sleep. For more information consult a doctor near you.
Zzzzzzzzz away!
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Name : Priyanka Singha
Hi, I am Priyanka, a writer by profession and a mother by choice. I love writing use the skill as a tool to reach out to the millions to share personal and informational content. You can also check out here some of the online healthcare tips that might help you being healthy.
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