5 Best Free Pill Identifier Apps for Pharmacists

Pill identifier apps
Pharmacists often face many questions from the consumers regarding their medications. Often the buyers ask the pharmacist to explain the dosage direction written on the drug labels, identify pills in an unmarked bottle, or identify more than one kind of pill mixed in one vial. In times such as these, the pharmacist needs to provide correct and accurate information regarding the medication. To help the pharmacists there are a number of free pill identifier and medical apps on the Android and iOS platform. Here are the top five pill identifiers for pharmacists.
Top Five Pill Identifiers for Pharmacists:

WebMD for Android

The app is popular among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and medical students for its inclusiveness. The app comes with an additional pill identifier feature which is very popular and extensively used in the market.
The WebMD pill identifier detects the identity of loose pills based on the medicine’s imprint, color, and shape. The app also provides comprehensive information about the description of the drug, the symptoms of overdose, side-effects of the medication, and how one medication will respond if mixed with other drugs.

Pill Identifier and Drug List – Patient Care Edition

Unlike other medical apps, the Pill Identifier and Drug List – Patient Care Edition’s primary feature is the identification of drugs. The app identifies the drugs by its shape, color, and imprint and provides essential details such as the composition of the drug, the name of the manufacturer, dosage details, and warnings to the users.
Other than the built-in pill identifier feature, the app also comes with a BMI calculator and a drug index, which has been arranged alphabetically and can be navigated either by name or the brand of the medicine. However, the data gathered from this app must be used only for educational purposes and must not be treated as an alternative to doctor’s advice.

GoodRx App

The pill identifier feature comes as a supplementary attribute on the GoodRx app. The GoodRx pill ID identifies drugs by its color and shape and presents the pharmacists with information and images about the drug.
Pharmacists can also use the app for searching a drug by health condition or name, viewing the list of the top 20 drugs, or accessing the alphabetically arranged index of medical conditions. The GoodRx app can be downloaded from both Apple’s iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

Pill Identifier by

The Pill Identifiers is a separate app from which has branched out from the primary app, Medication Guide. While the main app is available on both Google Play store and Apple iTunes, Pill Identifier by is available only on Apple iTunes.
As suggested by the name, the main function of the app is to identify drugs by its color, shape, and name. The app allows the user to tap into a database of more than 24,000 Over-The-Counter/ Rx drugs available in the United States while identifying an unknown medication.


One of the most popular medical apps on the web, Epocrates is a pioneer of its genre and is currently used by millions. When compared to other pill identifiers, it can be said that Epocrates’s pill ID feature is one of the most detailed in the market allowing the pharmacist to describe the drug by its score, color, coating, shape, imprint, and clarity.
Users can also capture an image of the pill to help the app detect the identity of the drug. Apart from the pill identifier, Epocrates also comes with features such as drug guidelines, drug checks, and drug interactions.


These apps will help the pharmacists identify loose or misplaced pills, help the customers, and prevent them from taking any wrong medication. The database of each of these apps contains an exhaustive amount of medical information. Nevertheless, the information presented by these apps must not be put to practical use without consulting a doctor.

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