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8 Likely Reasons Why You Hate Cooking & What To Do About It

reasons why you probably don't like cooking and discuss in details about what to do when you don't like to cook.

Not everyone is a fan of cooking but then as adults, we do things because we need to do them. We go to work because we need to pay the bills, we wash our clothes so we don’t look dirty, we also cook because is a prerequisite for us to eat.

In this, post we will seeing reasons why you probably don’t like cooking and discuss in details about what to do when you don’t like to cook. So let’s dive in.

1. Doing the dishes after cooking

Doing the dishes after cooking can be discouraging. Imagine cooking and cleaning up at the same time and then you are still expected to enjoy your meal, but no you can’t because you don’t want to leave the dishes unattended to. The best solution for this dilemma is to get a dishwasher that can help you reduce your chores but if you are cooking for not just only yourself you can cook while the other person does the dishes. Life could be easy that way.

2. Cooking for large groups

Cooking for a large group of people is very hectic. Everything done is multiplied from the meat preparation, even to the spice. This can be very discouraging especially if you have tried this before and the food didn’t turn out well. But you shouldn’t worry, it is normal, everyone has cooked something bland or too salty for their friends or family before.
The only way forward from this is to learn from past mistakes and try to see where things went wrong and try to adjust. Remember it is trial and error, your crowd is your test.

3. You don’t ask for help

Help is important. Even in a big restaurants, cooking is divided into batches and is handled by different chefs. So please ask for help when you need, no one is too big for help, even superheroes have sidekicks.

4. Knives are not sharp

A blunt knife can frustrate your cooking, down to even peeling you potatoes or cutting your onions. This can slow your food preparation and frustrate all your cooking plans. So please get a sharp knife and even a knife sharpener.

5. The right ingredients are not available

Trying to cook your meal and some of your ingredients are not available for your dish can make things go south because some key ingredients are lacking. The way forward is to know what is available before you start cooking, know the seasons that come with your ingredients if they are available in the market.

6. No interest

Cooking is optional but like i said it can be a prerequisite for eating. If you live alone, you would have to learn how to cook up something eventually if you are low on cash even if it is as simple as noodles. You don’t have to be the best chef ever, all you need to learn are the basics of cooking food so you can eat.

7. Complicated recipes

Some recipes online don’t show how tasking it actually is to make them before you embark on a journey to make something you haven’t made before, so take time to do some proper research.

8. Accidents

Having burns, cuts, and bruises can be discouraging. Trust me, I also had my fair share of that in the kitchen and the only way to avoid all of these accidents is to make safety first.

This means turning on the stove properly, using a pot holder when opening hot pots, cutting carefully, paying proper attention to what you are doing per time and be aware of your environment.

Tips to help you cook even when you feel like not to:

  • Prepare just enough food, don’t go overboard when cooking.
  • Use the right equipment.
  • Go for quick foods like pasta or noodles.
  • Understand the whole recipe before venturing to make it.
  • Make use of ready-made products like marinara sauce or pre-spiced chicken.
  • Make use of eggs which are already fast protein.
  • Make a sandwich because there is bread everywhere.

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