The application of Hyperbaric chamber for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT has been used for years in treating a variety of disorders, ranging from Carbon Monoxide poisoning to brain damage. Though we lag behind in having theoretical proof of complete benefits of HBOT, there are living examples in our society which assure us of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
The Many Success Stories of Hyperbaric Therapy:

8 Success Stories of Hyperbaric Chamber Application for Autism, TBI, and Concussions

The Application of Hyperbaric Chamber for Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment
1.     Andrew Waddington:

A decade ago, Andrew underwent some general operation for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, he was deprived of oxygen during the surgery, resulting in Traumatic Brain injury. Subsequently, Andrew started behaving like a patient of Cerebral Palsy with no physical movements at all. Andrew gradually lost most of his sense and the capability to  understand language or simple instructions. His muscles were no longer in his control and tube was the only way left to feed him.
Jane Dean, a former  nurse and co-founder of the children’s naturopathic clinic, where  Andrew was treated, advised and rented a Hyperbaric Chamber to his parents to start HBOT sessions for the treatment of TBI. It has been eight years since Andrew started using the hyperbaric chamber and his condition has improved significantly since then. Now, he is able to see, read, and perform some daily activities. He even goes for horse riding and football matches for the disabled. His memory is back on track and he can remember everything.
2.      Leanne Walker:

Leanne, a bright Psychology student, suffered from brain damage followed by Encephalitis. . Brain damage left Leanne shattered and she constantly stressed on the desire to end her life. Leanne started behaving like a child and did not even recognise her mother. There was no long term memory in Leanne and in terms of short term memory she remembered events that occurred only 30 seconds ago.
Her mom took her for Hyperbaric treatment subsequent to which Lenne showed some improvement. She started using Hyperbaric chamber for one and a half hours, three times a week. Only after four weeks of treatment, Lenne experienced and displayed tremendous improvement in her condition. The application of Hyperbaric chamber helped Lenne Walker to get her life back to normal. She works as a teaching assistant today.
3.     Eden Carlson:

When 2-year old Eden drowned in the swimming pool and suffered  irreversible brain injury her parents decided start hyperbaric treatment sessions for their daughter. After only two HBOT  Eden’s parents and doctors noticed significant improvement in the neurological functions of her body. Eden can now count, play, walk, talk, and laugh.
4.     Ben Parkinson:

Ben Parkinson was a paratrooper posted in Afghanistan when he was hit by a bomb blast. His suffered severe injuries and had to quit as he was no longer fit to serve in the army. He suffered injuries on skull, pelvis, arms, and brain. His brain injury, especially, left him in a paralysed state, being unable to perform his daily activities.
Ben started using the Hyperbaric chamber for HBOT sessions. To everyone’s utmost surprise, he started showing improvements after the first session itself and displayed tremendous improvement since then. At present Ben can walk up to 2 miles everyday and even carried the 2012 Olympic Torch following his massive improvement
Application of HBOT for Autism Treatment
1. Michael and Kendra:

Three year old twins Michael and Kendra, were detected with autism. Their recovery was really slow and medicines were showing no progress. Their parents then decided to start hyperbaric treatment for the twins and  after HBOT sessions totalling  40 hours, the family was relieved to see huge improvement in both their kids. They are now active and aware of their surroundings. Kendra makes eye contact, and listens  to instructions while Michael has started speaking and can successfully utter string of words.
2. Kenny:

5 year old Kenny was diagnosed with infantile spasms along with epilepsy and hypsarrhythmia.  He also suffered from high levels of mercury in his body and was completely non-verbal before his parents decided to start HBOT sessions. Neither could he control his body muscles and often fell down while walking.
Due to his physical inabilities, Kenny was growing into a very irritated child and displayed extreme anger and suffered from seizures. It was after two weeks of hyperbaric therapy that Kenny started exhibiting improved and calm behaviour. She would understand requests and responded to them positively. After taking continued sessions, Kenny started her journey towards becoming a happy child and started participating in various special games like clapping hands in groups, producing sounds using his lips, and many more such activities.
Application of Hyperbaric Chamber for the Treatment of Concussion
1. Martha:

Martha(name changed), a 70 year old lady was dealing with concussions with her growing age. She was unable to live alone, drive, or perform her regular activities. A brain scan revealed hypoperfusion was observed in brain’s temporal and frontal lobe. Her doctors advised her to start HBOT session to counter her ailment and with just 20 sessions, she started living a normal lifestyle.
2. Joe Namath:

A few years ago, popular former American footballer Joe Namath used to forget the reason why he is somewhere and where he kept his belongings. He realised he was dealing with the after effects of the numerous concussions sustained on the field during games. With the constant loss of memory Namath gradually became a patient of depression. However, his doctors recommended him to use hyperbaric chamber and he started taking Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, regularly. On completion of his 120th session, he experienced improvement which he terms as extra ordinary. His steadfast belief in the benefits of HBOT for concussions has lead him to appeal to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the therapy for the treatment concussion and various other neurological conditions.
The application of hyperbaric chamber for HBOT is not accepted clinically worldwide.  However, there are numerous success stories of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy all over the world that has made this non-invasive form of treatment quite popular in the medical fraternity.

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