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Traveling all around the world might be what you cherish above every other thing. With different cities around the world commanding attention, Dubai is one that can’t be overlooked for expats. Every place you get to in Dubai has its history and value and is one of the most populated cities in the world, the demand for accommodation keep rising.
Due to this, we choose to share with you some of the best places you can live as expats during your stay in the city.


Arabian Ranches :

The first to discuss here on this article is a very great place to be for expats. It is a community that is very quiet and well-lined greenery spaces and equipped with beautiful villas and houses. The city is very peaceful as it gives ample of spaces for residents to do anything without restriction.
The community is a residential area that is popular in the city. It is a place where you have all that is needed to live comfortably with the inclusion of amazing structures and amenities such as the clinic, cafes, shopping mall, schools, restaurants and gym centers.
As a result of the recognition of the area, the demand for accommodation is very high, and that leads to an increase in the price tag for an apartment. Most of the structures you will find there are exclusive villas which are well equipped with about 2 to 5 bedrooms and some are so large with more than five bedrooms and other facilities in the apartment.
If you have interest in this area, you must be ready to adapt to the lifestyle and getting an apartment that will suit your style will demand more money from you. The bottom line is that Arabian ranches are one of the best places to live for expats in Dubai.

Mirdif :

The Mirdif is a community that is located not too far from the airport. The landmark of the city is sure a reason to choose the place over every other area. Years ago, a price of an apartment in the community was affordable, and that made it occupied by expats.
It is a residential area that gets not the attention of residents but expats as well, but with an increase in popularity, the prices in Mirdif is increasing day by day. The accommodation in the area is in the section from apartments to villas.
Expats have the platform– Dubai based Luxury real estate brokerage to either buy an apartment or villa depending on their budget and need. You have to be ready to live with the noise in the community, the traffic there as well might make the area unbearable for expats but all other things such as the amenities and lovely setup of the city will win you over.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) :

 This area is only filled with apartments, and they vary in size and others such as the bedrooms and facilities. There you get to see lots of high rise buildings and its one of the best artificial beach in the city. Most of the apartment in the area has balconies, underground allocated parking areas for cars.
You get what you want in this area. It is filled with expensive and cheap apartment or villas that are inspiring and intriguing. You can’t leave out the amenities as well as it’s one of the reasons some people chose the area above some others.
There are lots of facilities such as restaurants, shops, mall, cafes, and it even hosts cinemas where you get to see the movies. The beach is one of the best places to be and enjoy the sunset of the day. The environment is serene, and it’s such a peaceful place to be for residents and expats.

Downtown : 

The downtown is known as the center of the city, and it is very close to the world’s tallest building. Many things attract expats to the community such as the solid infrastructure, transportation, amenities, and lifestyle.
It is in proximity to some of the best places or buildings in the city such as the largest mall, and many more but the only setback about the area is that the traffic on weekends and evenings can trouble you off.

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