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Care After Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is very sensitive procedure and one can expect good results that stay for the rest of life if the prescribed post-operative instructions are taken out properly.

Medication for prevention of swelling is also given by the doctor.  It is very important to clean the hair regularly after the surgery. A doctor gives the medicated shampoo to remove the dirt, oil from the scalp and hair. It is always recommended to maintain proper hygiene to prevent infection in the transplanted hair.

Itching results in the scratching of the scalp, which can cause damage to the new roots of the hair. Usually the growth of transplanted hair starts from 4th month after the completion of shedding phase.The transplanted hair becomes denser over the period of time. The complete growth of the hair can take upto 10 to 12 months depending upon patient to patient.
Below-mentioned is some dos and don’ts after the hair transplant that one should follow in order to generate the desired results.

Care After Hair Transplant

1.  Always remember the instructions given by the doctor or surgeon.
2. During regular head wash, let the water flowing gently over the transplanted area and gently rub the donor area to decrease the crusting.
3.  Wear loose fitting cap while going out for  initial 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery.
4. Always keep the contact number of your doctor with you in case an emergency occurs, you can contact him immediately.
5.   Keep the transplanted area clean throughout the recovery phase.
6.  Always sleep in the position as recommended by your doctor in order to have a faster recovery.
7.   Do visit the doctor on the same day as scheduled by the doctor.
8.   An ice pack can be used in case of bleeding or swelling on the scalp area.
9.   Follow healthy diet that assures healthy hairs and promote early healing as well.


1. Do not drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette for first few weeks post the hair transplant.
2. Do not touch the new grafted hairs while itching as it might result in falling of new hairs.
3. Avoid going in the direct sunlight as the harmful UV rays can cause harm to the roots of the new hairs. If it is an emergency situation to go out in sunlight, wear a hat or cover the head properly to avoid any harm.
4. Do not engage in exercising routine in the gym as it can cause sweating and infection in the new hairs.
5.  Avoid usage of dye colors, chemicals upto 5 weeks and camouflaging agents for at least 14 dayspost-surgery.
6.  Don’t get anxious during the shedding phase that starts generally after 4 weeks and may last up to 3 months after the surgery. You may lose some hairs during this phase but this is temporary phase and hair growth of the transplanted hair will start after this. Try to stay calm and relax.

Every surgeon has his own instructions and it is advised to the patient to follow all those instructions properly and timely. Hair transplant in India is done with proper care and attention. If there is no aftercare, then the hairs may not grow properly, which will ultimately result in loss of hair, money, and time. It is very important to keep patience as it takes time for the hairs to grow properly.

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