Top 4 benefits of Paneer or Cottage Cheese

Health benefits of Paneer
Paneer is the most common type of cheese used in Indian cuisines. Paneer is prepared by adding any kind of food acid like vinegar, yogurt or lemon juice in hot milk. This separates the whey from curds. These curds are then pressed and hanged in muslin cloth to press out excess water. Paneer is used in a variety of dishes sweet and savoury alike. The color of paneer is white and it’s a rich source of calcium and proteins.

Health benefits of Cottage cheese or Paneer

Good for Bone Health

Due to a high calcium content, cheese is very good for children. They have growing bodies hence paneer helps in healthy bone and cartilage formation. 

Good source of protein

For vegetarians, Paneer can be number one source of proteins. It can help in muscle formation and weight gain.

Good Source Of Folate

Paneer is rich in B-complex vitamin which is very important for pregnant women.

Improves immune system

Paneer improves immune system of the body. Paneer can help to control problems like cough, asthma and bronchitis.  For children it’s quite useful as it improves the hemoglobin content.
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