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What is Accelerated learning?

accelerated learning

In this fast-paced world, have you ever wondered how wonderful it is to learn a requisite skill in lesser time? Remember the time when your boss asked you to do that code in a couple of days and you have no idea about coding, got into the bad books of your senior? Well, we know how agonistic this can be. To counter this limited learning potential we humans tend to have, the art of accelerated learning has become a buzzword in the multiple spheres. Be it writing, music, coding or learning a new language, accelerated learning, with its all-pervasive character has become a need rather than a luxury.

So, let’s have a look at the basic characteristics of accelerate learning before we proceed further.

1. Given the right techniques and the environment, an individual can learn any skill 10x faster than a traditional method.
2. The practice can be applied in professional as well as personal chores making it a really handy tool at the disposal of an individual.
3. Also, as one gets acquainted with the different aspects and realms of accelerated learning, it becomes easier to learn a new skill within a limited time.
Now, having gone through the benefits of accelerated learning, let’s have a glimpse of what it entails:

What is Accelerated learning?

1. Focus is the Key

No matter how effective a technique is, it won’t yield desirable results unless a person is willing to focus and devote a particular time with utmost sincerity. This is as true for accelerated learning as it is for any other Endeavour in life.

2. Identifying the skill:

This is another area which is often overlooked while going for an accelerated learning exercise. One has to zero in on a particular skill set before venturing into the realms of this process.

3. Refining the conventional:

In a nutshell, accelerated learning is the finished form of all the combinations of a conventional learning which a person involves in and finds some really effective ways to do it. So, while we will be learning to ride or write, it is imperative to have a track of the time-tested methods in order to have a definite direction.

4. Much customized

Accelerated learning is a wider connotation of a plethora of subsets. So, we have to ascertain the arena where one is willing to indulge it. This will help in avoiding confusions and make the most out of the learning exercise.
What is Accelerated learning?

5. This is not magic

Great learning can only come with a great desire and some consistent efforts. So, one has to persevere every day and put in the required amount of hard work into practising the art one is looking to perfect.


6. Varied equipment:

A huge amount of analytic machinery is being deployed to make the most out of the current capabilities of an individual. So for driving, multiple simulation tools have come up that determine the level of readiness and alacrity of a driver. Similarly, there are other types of machinery that apply to sports, social skills and whatnot.
But, as with any great thing, there are some myths and shortcoming associated that have to be kept in mind in order to make the best out of accelerated learning. A lot of people tend to believe that by merely joining a course one will be able to master one skill. Well, it can only help kickstart the long journey on a positive note, but a lot of input is required from an individual as well. His/her level of competence in a particular field to ascertain how accelerated ones accelerated learning will be.
Now, if one talks about the viability of this exercise, this report from an academy research becomes noteworthy which says that around 70% of athletes and even movie stars have in some point of their life or the other resorted to accelerate learning in order to enhance their professional capabilities. This shows how effective it can be if utilized in the right way with the right spirit. Also, the new methods that have recently come up have reiterated the fact that they are scientifically researched and are worthy enough of being tried and implemented in various aspects as required. Hence, we can say that such methods are ever evolving and proving their capability time and again.
To sum it up, accelerated learning is a revolutionary tool in this 21st-century world. People across the globe that definitely become more productive in order to do well in their jobs, personal lives and also in any competitive arena like sports. So, it’s a win-win for any person joining it. Still, as talked before- if a person is dedicated enough and willing to commit to a cause with utmost sincerity, then it can help attain life changing experiences which will lead to better life for any individual in particular and the whole society in general.


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