Doctors for Different Body Parts


As the title describes it all, we can understand what will be the main article, in general, will be about. We will get hands-on information about the doctors who are expert in the treatment of ailments related to different body parts. But before jumping into the main discussion about the different specializations, let us first understand what a doctor is and what its duties are. A doctor is a person who studies various kinds of medicines, and with the help of that study, he/she tries to cure, treat or restore the health of people who suffer from ailments. Now let’s dig deeper into the various specializations of the doctors. Let’s begin with the most common first.
The Dentist:
A dentist is a medical practitioner who studies the multiple ailments of the mouth and teeth along with the gums. He is an expert in handling cases and diseases related to the teeth. The average duration of the dental course (to become a dentist) is 4-5 years. You have to complete a medical degree known as BDS before becoming a dentist. And once you end all the classroom programmes, you are obliged to do an internship under a reputed Medical Hospital or a reputed private consultant. As the teeth are very vital part of your body and require immense care, it is recommended that you consult an expert before doing anything by yourself. Dr. Mark Walker Dentist is a very famous doctor in Canada. Mark Walker is known for his precise timing and thorough examination. His humble nature makes his patients visit him again and again.

The Pediatrician:

Doctors for Different Body Parts
Pediatrician is a medical practitioner who studies the ailment and medicines related to the infants, children, and adolescents. The branch about this is called as pediatrics, and it involves the study and observation of the medicinal effects on ailments in infants. Unlike adults, children are more vulnerable to diseases be it of any kind. Cold, cough, fever, etc. it is hard to examine them as they are not able to express boldly how they feel. Intensive care must be taken to make sure that they don’t have any side effects. The overall duration for becoming a Pediatrician is 5+ years, you have to complete a bachelor’s degree in MBBS and then do a PG in pediatrics.

The Orthopaedist:

Doctors for Different Body Parts
An Orthopaedist is a medicinal practitioner who studies the skeletal system of the human body along with the ligaments and the muscle and tendons. They deal with all the muscular and skeletal ailment and injuries of the body. They provide physiotherapy as required by the treatment for that particular body part. There is a division in this also, there is an  Orthopaedic surgeon and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who indeed have completed a duration of five-year surgical residency which focused on the treatment of musculoskeletal  conditions. Orthopaedists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of almost all bone and joint disorders, such as ligament tears, Spinal cord injury, etc.
I hope this article has made some points clear in your already existing knowledge. There are 
plenty more types of doctors out there, but we cannot include every one of them on our list.


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