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The time of fresh challenge will come – the nurse will need to prove that it is suitable for practising by watching the introduction of professional reconfirmation this spring. Government consultations on controversial decisions to abolish scholarships of student nurses and replace them with loans announced at the peer review last autumn are also ongoing. The starting point is how the new system works. There is no debate as to whether the bazaar should be abolished first.
However, for the next 12 months, I will bring new opportunities for my profession. Nurses have already launched the NHS pilot project testing new ways of working to realize the Government’s vision of NHS in England, as outlined in a five-year outlook, a pioneering place It plays an important role in.
The future of nursing: scholarships and loans
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Psychiatric nurses in the community are employed by rapid response teams in multiple specialities for care homes while senior nurse practitioners support vulnerable patients that may remain in the hospital in the community It is. Some people are helping to redesign services that primary care meets secondary care or provides emergency services over time.
Nurses in other sectors focus on health throughout the UK, care for more patients at home, not in hospitals, manage patients in the long term and integrate an ageing society with complex needs Health and social care system that was done.
As a nursing charity organization, the Queen’s Nursing Institute forecasting the age of new nursing says, “The local nursing service expertise is not the centre of the provision of health and care in the UK.
Nursing experts agree that these are exciting times for becoming nurses. “What’s different now? Compared to the way a nurse worked 50 years ago, working in a partnership with a patient, I think that it applies to elderly people and long-term care I think that there is an opportunity for nursing today – in fact, there are some opportunities for nursing in some way. Carers of nursing staff are rewarded as before.
But she adds to this warning as follows. “The negative point is that we do not have enough nurses, there is no pressure there, we know what we need. We can do these things, it is still It is a wonderful occupation, but in order to bring about change, it has to invest in the labour force for medical care, it is important.
There is little doubt that the UK needs an extra nurse. Last October, nursing was added to the public shortage occupation list in the UK. This means that employers can see outside the European economic zone to fill vacancies. The next month, NHS employers talking about the workforce issues concerning the trusts of England said that the gap between demand and supply of nurses was “important”. It said: “The lack of nurses in England, all types of practice and all types of organization.There is a best nursing college in indore that opens door for bright future.
This problem is causing continued concern that trusts “provide quality timely care in available finance”. According to NHS ‘s trust investigation results, after three months 78% of vacancies became adult nurses (pdf), 63% of trusts went outside the UK to fill vacancies.
Prime Minister George Osbourne believes that by making a decision to abolish nurses’ scholarships, the number of nurses will increase. He thinks of 10,000 nurses trained during this Congress.
Experts said the new role of nurses who are senior/health care assistants working in association with healthcare professionals and registered nurses in January will increase 1,000 nursing jobs by next year and subsidize Of fundraising means increasing NHS nurses.

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