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Handmade Clothing: Maintenance and care


Handmade clothing include a vast range of category such as handloom cloth, handblock printed cloth, Hand painted clothes and Hand embroidered outfits. While all handmade clothes require similar kind of maintenance, but as per their category they need special care as well.
It is a long process to make a handcrafted products that goes to different hands starting from inception to finishing, releasing the stress of mechanical work and adding the comfort of handwork. Handcrafted product range comes with certain irregularities that not about being neat clean work but irregularities that rises while crafting through hand. Lets talks about how to maintain your wardrobe of handcrafted outfits making it look fresh and long lasting.

Maintenance of Handwoven cloth

Handloom cloth goes through process of spinning, warping, weaving and post weaving process to get developed as finished fabric. In case of stitched garment the cycle is long as the fabric gets into designing and stitching chain while in case of unstitched garment after finishing it is ready for the consumer.
Either its stitched handloom outfit or unstitched handloom attire we have to keep in mind few things:
  • Handloom cloth get shrink after wash by 1-4 % depend on quality of fabric, consider this while shopping for handloom cloth.
  • As in handloom process dyer do not use strong chemical fixer so there are chances of bleeding in initial wash, so wash separately.
  • Hand wash handloom cloth in cold water. Machine wash is quite harsh, won’t suit to elegantly woven cloth.
  • It is suggestable to not to dry cloth in harsh sunlight as that may lead to fading of colour.
  • Its preferred not to wash silk and delicate woven cotton in routine that will help to increase the life of cloth
  • Give handwoven silk outfits and saree for dry clean, your clothes will remain young for decade.
  • For long life of silk and chanderi sarees/ outfits, we will suggest taking care of folds. Don’t give many folds, instead use hanger as sarees may get discoloured or get tear on the edge of folds in it kept in same manners of year and year


Maintenance of hand block printed cloth

Handmade Clothing: Maintenance and care noteablelists
Hand block printed garments and sarees look beautiful and quite easy to handle. Here are some important fact regarding their maintenance:

·         It is preferred to do cold  wash separately
·         Dry the product in low sunlight
·         Hand wash preferred over machine wash for long term sustainability.


Maintenance of Indigo Outfits

Handmade Clothing: Maintenance and care noteablelists
Though indigo products comes under block printing due to dabu craft, but we are covering it in exclusive collection due to high demand and high maintenance of product range.
  • Being natural dyed product range, Indigo cloths bleed in wash, so strictly handwash it separately in cold water
  • For long term sustainability of cotton outfit, sometime do go for dry clean as well
  • Dry Indigo cloths in soft sunlight. Harsh sun rays may lead to discoloration or break out of color
  • Prefer to use hanger over folding for silk indigo outfits

Similar maintenance is required for hand painted and hand embroidered clothes

Ironing and Storage

Cotton clothes need regular ironing. For better look you can go for steam iron as well. Iron silk cloths carefully as they are delicate in feel. Don’t keep handcrafted clothes in damp state as it’ll increase the crumpled crease in it.
Store all your handcrafted products in normal to cool place, away from sunlight. Use scented ball or sachet to ensure that clothes don’t get the odour of wooden cupboard or painted almirah
We in Bebaak take preventive measure to minimise the process of care customer has to take for handmade clothes. Our handloom collections are preshrunk, that lead to minimum shrink (Less than 1% shrinkage) of clothes we are offering to customer.
You can check out beautiful range of dresses, tops, kurtis and women palazzo at Bebaak Studio.


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