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How Do Hyperbaric Chambers Prevent Premature Aging?


Aging is a natural phenomenon that is inevitable and irreversible in humans. A fast-paced, frenetic life has become the order of the day. The high stress levels, caused due to the increasing competitiveness in every sphere, as well as the alarming rise in pollution has hastened the aging process to a large extent. The cases of individuals with premature aging problems are spiraling out of control due to various factors that are known to occur due to unchecked air and water pollution. Fluctuating food habits and other lifestyle related vices such as smoking, alcohol, and substance abuse are also believed to be the key factors that accelerate the aging process.


What are the Main Symptoms Associated with Premature Aging?

The signs of premature aging can be ascertained by the following factors:
  • ·         Wrinkles.
  • ·         Age spots.
  • ·         Thinning of skin.
  • ·         Premature graying and hair loss.
  • ·         Skin tumors.
  • ·         Loss of memory, cognitive functions, and motor abilities.

Medical experts attribute most of these conditions to the lack of sufficient amount of oxygen in the human body. Pure oxygen is known to be a vital factor that can help curtail the deterioration of the immune system by preventing cell degeneration. This is one of the prime reasons which have resulted in HBOT therapy being propagated as a popular anti-aging solution by medical professionals around the world. 

What is HBOT Therapy?

HBOT Therapy or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an alternative treatment being prescribed by qualified hyperbaric experts since centuries, to individuals suffering from a wide range of health conditions such as decompression sickness, gas embolism, chronic wounds, etc.
Over the last few years, there have been numerous instances of HBOT Therapy providing significant relief to patients combating health complications due to premature aging as well.

How is HBOT Therapy Administered to Patients?

The duration of HBOT therapy is prescribed to the patient after a comprehensive medical evaluation is conducted by a qualified physician and a hyperbaric specialist.
Thereafter, the patient is placed in a high pressure compartment known as  the hyperbaric chamber, which comes fully equipped with a comfortable bed and a clear glass sealed window. The interior of the hyperbaric chamber is sterile and air-conditioned. The patient can choose to carry a book or to watch television through the glass window during the course of the HBOT session.
Pure oxygen is then administered to the patient in an environment of enhanced air pressure that can vary between 1.2 atm and 5 atm, depending upon the medical requirements of the individual.
The increased oxygen in the blood stream helps in boosting the flow of blood to all the oxygen deprived areas of the body, thereby curbing further cell destruction and promoting the healthy regeneration of cells. Some HBOT therapy benefits include the hastening of the healing process, strengthening of the immune system, and the promotion of healthy cell regeneration.
HBOT is administered in short sessions of 60 to 90 minutes, –two to three times a week, spanning over a period of two to more months. This medical process does not require overnight hospitalization. Patients have the freedom to opt for HBOT therapy at a large medical facility or they can also install a portable hyperbaric chamber at their residence and avail the treatment under the able guidance of a qualified HBOT specialist.
Oxygen is a vital element that ensures physical and mental stability as well as the wellbeing of individuals. During a HBOT session, the additional oxygen delivered to the organs through the bloodstream helps eliminate toxins in the immune system. It also helps stimulate the ischemic tissues by increasing collagen formation in the previously oxygen deprived areas of the human body.

The Role of HBOT in Preventing Premature Aging

The fast-growing acceptance of the HBOT therapy benefits have catapulted this treatment into popularity as an effective anti-aging solution. Researchers from the field of hyperbaric science have revealed the following facts about patients undergoing HBOT sessions on a regular basis for skin rejuvenation:
·         HBOT Combats HIF-1a Protein: 
HBOT Therapy is believed to be an effective solution to counter wrinkling of skin that is caused by a condition known as Cutaneous Angiogenesis that occurs due to enhanced exposure to UV-B radiation. Constant exposure to UV-B radiation results in an increased production of the HIF-1 protein. 
Medical experts have further classified this protein into two subdivisions – Alpha (a) and Beta (b). The increased production of the HIF- 1a protein impacts the skin texture of patients ailing from Hypoxia, thereby accelerating the wrinkling of skin. During HBOT therapy, the infusion of pure oxygen at pressurized levels ensures that the oxygenated blood supply reaches all the hypoxic areas of the body and instantly reduces the stabilization of the HIF-1a protein, thereby reducing skin angiogenesis and curbing  further wrinkling or damage to the skin.
·         Improved Collagen Levels Post HBOT Therapy:



Patients with premature aging related skin conditions are known to respond positively after regular administration of HBOT treatment. Hyperbaric specialists have observed a significant boost in the collagen levels of patients, thereby improving the elasticity and texture of the skin.
Collagen levels start weaning due to advancing age, leading to dull, sagging skin. Patients are known to develop radiant skin health and improved vitality with the increase in their collagen levels after undergoing successive HBOT treatment sessions.
·         Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Stems Neutrofil Build-up:



The deterioration in skin health is strongly related to the neutrophils in the human body. Neutrophils are inflammatory cells that are predominantly found in the white blood cells of the body due to exposure to UV-B radiation and can be detrimental to skin health. Hyperbaric chamber therapy is known to reduce skin infections triggered by neutrofil buildup in the cellular matrix of the body as the oxygenated blood increases the production of fresh blood cells that effectively prevent these neutrophils from causing any further damage to the epidermis.
In Conclusion:
Currently, HBOT is being recommended by experts as a viable treatment for premature aging in more than forty countries. It is a favored anti-aging solution for the entertainment industry as well, wherein the actors, models and celebrities are always under constant pressure to appear young and present themselves in a flawless manner.
All these above mentioned HBOT therapy benefits have immensely contributed to the growing popularity of this alternative solution to treat premature aging. HBOT provides a better option for recovery to patients and their caregivers, thereby giving them a ray of hope to lead a healthier life in the future.

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