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How to improve Hearing? Foods & Nutrition That Boosts Hearing

Hearing problem may occur due to the ageing  but now the auditory problem also occured in the kids on which the age is not playing any role. By taking some food and nutritions we can improve our hearing power and prevent from the hearing loss. These food increase your immunity by providing you natural ingredients and nutritions which help to fight you with hearing loss.

How to improve Hearing nutrients noteablelists

Food that improve Hearing

 Minerals play an important role in your overall health and hearing loss occurs when your hearing ability become so less and you can not able to listen slow voice and it could affect your hearing speech. The main cause of idiopathic is sudden sensorineural hearing loss which is very suspicious in the human body.

 The food can make your hearing loss backward and forth on your current state of hearing is depend on your eating habits but the overall healths depend on your daily Diet.If you take a balanced food daily it will help you to make healthy else you will covered by the disease in your life  

Way to prevent Hearing Loss

    Excessive noise may cause the hearing loss and always use the noise canceling headphones.
    Wearing ear protection while driving and when working on the loud noise machine to prevent for hearing loss.
    Protect your ear from the loud noise in the concerts and the parties.
    If you sense the symptoms of hearing loss you’ve go for checkup
    Do not put anything in your ear unless it is necessary 

Nutrients that protect and improve hearing

Lack of nutrients will cause you in hearing loss and suffer the serious issue of hearing loss like under age hearing loss  and other hearing disorder. There are some nutrients which help to improve your hearing loss and beneficial for your hearing.

     Folic acid
     Vitamin B12
     Vitamin C and E
     Omega 3s
It is responsible for regulating the fluid in your blood and body tissue. It is important to flow the fluid in your body because the inner ear translate the noise we hear into the electrical impulses and brain get it as a sound. This whole process is depend on the quantity of the potassium.
Folic acid
Folic acid will helpful to create the new cell growth in our body. It very helpful to slow down the hearing loss in the human body. Because human body uses the folic acid for metabolize and some inflammatory compound that reduce circulation and the good circulation is an important factor to improve hearing loss and keeping inner ear cells healthy.
 A study says that a person who were treated with the magnesium in the form of vitamin Like A,B and C were protected the noise which are responsible for hearing loss. Magnesium also helpful to improving from sensorineural hearing loss. According to the survey approx 48 % people get easily recovered if they took magnesium with the carbogen inhalation. The carbogen inhalation is the combination of carbon dioxide and the oxygen gas.
      Zinc is very helpful for treatment of the sudden sensorineural hearing loss, which is only done by the giving the high steroid dose. Zinc has immunity boosting and anti-viral properties which can help to protect from cold viruses and allow your body to give stronger first response at the onset viral infection.
     People who were suffering from the tinnitus will be treated by folate. It will helpful to regenerating the new cell and growth in the body and also helpful  to maintain the circulation in the body. Which results improve  the overall health. Mainly the green leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli and other sources helps you to increase your folate level.
Vitamins B12
      The person who suffering from the tinnitus and other balance disorders  is on the high risk of the hearing loss and other affect on their body. Vitamins generally found in eggs,meat and in dairy products.        
Vitamin C and E
      Vitamin C and E helps to strengthen your immune system and protect from the hearing loss. It also act as the supplement for the hearing loss and reduces the risk of ear infection. Vitamin C and E rich in broccoli, kiwi, orange, papaya etc.

Omega 3S
     Omega 3S helps to strengthen the blood vessel in ear sensory system.
 This helpful in brain functioning and easily transmitting the signals between the brain and the ear for effective functioning. Omega 3 fat rich in soybean oil, olive oil , coconut oil, walnuts.

How to increase hearing power

The Following thing helps you to increase the hearing power and protect from the hearing loss:
     Vegetables oil due to contain high omega 6 fatty acids.
     Use carefully headphones
     Sodium need in the small quantity
     Do yoga to improve hearing power
     Meditation helps to improve hearing power
     High fat meats.
     Play puzzle so that your brain respond fast.

Improve hearing by protecting your ears

     Improve your blood circulation by taking  proper  quantity of folate and folic acid.
     Remove earwax from at regular interval of time
     Avoid noisy environment such as Dj night, concert
     Take proper Diet for protecting your ears from hearing loss.
     Take medicine only as you directed
     Keep your ear dry.

Contributed by:
Mr. Akash Deep
Content Writer (Intern) – Seoczar

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are Author’s own and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of these views. Above article should not be considered as a substitute for Doctor’s advice. Please consult your treating Physician for more details.

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