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How to remove water from ears?


Most commonly reason why water get trapped into the ears is at the time of swimming and while taking the bath. It can drain out automatically by the natural process but it doesn’t drain out on it own then you feel inflammation and more risk to happen swimmer ear infection because inside the ears, interior structure will help to stop the dust come inside the ear and save us from several ears  infection but they can’t stop the water to get inside the ear due to the heavy molecules of water.
How to remove water from ears noteablelists

Tips for remove the water from ears at Home


1.  Tilt your head to the side          
You can try this trick by standing on one foot and tilt your head side from the ground so that the offended ear drain out the trapped water and pulling the top of the ear and head will help to get water drained.
2.   Applying warm compress to the ear    
Warm a bowl of water than dip the washcloth in a bowl of hot water, remove the excess amount of water and put the washcloth on the affected side of the patient approx 30 seconds and repeat this process 3 to 4 minutes. This will help you to drain your water out.

3.   Use Olive Oil

Take the warm olive oil in the bowl and put the warm olive oil into the affected side or the ear by the help of clean cotton or dropper. Lie other side on the affected ear for 5 minutes then sit up and  tilt your affected side downward, the water as well as the olive oil will drain out.        
4. Use Chewing Gum
When the water get trapped into your ears then the chewing gum will help you to get drain it out. When you chewing the gum the chewing motion relieve the tension in your eustachian tubes and stuck water will get drain into the eustachian tubes. Chew for few minutes and then tilt your head either side which doesn’t affected and quickly tilt the head to the affected side so that the water drained out.
5. Use gravity
This technique will help you to drain your ear by the help of gravitational force. Lie down on the affected side for few minutes and place the towel down to the affected ear to adsorb the water. The water may slowly drain out from the ear.
6. Create a vaccum
Creating the tight seal onto ears by the cupped palm and gently push back and forth your hand towards the ears rapidly. Raze it as you push and cupping it as you pull away and then tilt your head to down to drain out the water.
7. Use blow dryer
You can use the dryer on the lower setting. Hold the dryer a foot away from the ear and slightly move it into forth and back motion. While tugging down the earlobe, let the warm air blow into the ear it will help you to drain out your affected ears.
8.  Use hydrogen peroxide ear drops
Hydrogen peroxide will help you to clean earwax, bacteria, fungal infection and trapped water into the ear. Using a clean cotton or dropper put three to four drops of hydrogen peroxides into affected ear and wait two to three minutes then tilt your affected ear downwards so that the fluid and earwax drain out.

Don’t use this method if you feel you have any of these condition :

  1. Outer Ear infection
  2. A perforated eardrum
  3. Eardrum ruptured
9. Professional help
When the above tips will not helpful for you then you have to go a professional. Professional will get out the trapped water or fluid out easily and prescribe some medicine so that the risk of the ear infection can be reduce.

What needs to be avoided ?

 If the above home remedies aren’t working for you, it’s better do not resort to using earbuds, scrub, avoid finger and other thing to dig into the ears. Doing this make matter worse by :-
       Increasing chances of bacteria to the affected area
       Pushing the water deeper into your ear
       Injuring your ear canal
       Puncturing your eardrum

How to Prevent the Problem?

 The wet ear can cause the several ear infection and other complication, so it’s important to dryer down your ears and the easiest way to prevent the trapped water into the ear are following :-
  1. Earplugs 
You can use the earplugs while swimming it will protect your ear from wet. You feel good to have this and it expand your duration in the water and keep your ears safe from the several infection.

      2.  Swimming Caps
You can also wear the swimming cap while swimming it can protect you to get down the water into the ear it is the another type of prevention material for the ear. In market several type of swimming caps are available but the most common swimming cap are made up of nylon.
Contributed by:
Mr. Akash Deep
Content Writer (Intern) – Seoczar
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are collected by various internet sources and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of these views. Above article should not be considered as a substitute for Doctor’s advice. Please consult your treating Physician for more details.

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