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Keto diet – Things to know before you try it.

Keto diet – Things to know before you try it.
Ketogenic Diet (Keto Diet) 
The Keto diet is a high-fat, protein and low carbs diet. The medicine used in the diet is also used to control the epilepsy in childs. The diet helps and forces our body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. In a Normal Diet, The carbs are broken into glucose and transferred all over the body as a energy source. Glucose is also used to fuel the brain but, In this diet there is less carbohydrates than normal so Liver turns fats into Fatty Acids and Ketone Bodies which replace the glucose as a energy source to the brain and body. When there’s an raised level of Ketone in blood level of body is known as Ketosis, helps in reduction of epileptic seizures.


Keto diet - Things to know before you try it.
Is Ketogenic Diet safe to implement?
The Ketogenic diet has been found for around 90 years. The diet was first developed to treat the Patients with epilepsy. Some says that the Ketogenic helps the body to lose fat quickly, but there are also some problems with the diet. If you are on Keto diet, You are completely cutting large groups of food and eating excessive fats can lead you to lipid abnormalities. So before starting with Keto diet take a opinion from you doctor.
How much weight can we lose through Keto diet?
Weight loss is very common while on Keto diet. The first few Kilos will be the water weight in your body. Water weight is the water that is stored when you eat carbs which is normal. While you are on Keto diet you’ll see the scale go down very quickly.
Things to know before you go Keto. 
Keto is more than a diet
Keto  is not just a diet. It is a way of eating or just WOE. You’ll hear people saying that their Keto diet is a lifestyle or a way of eating. You can’t stop and start Keto anytime cause it would confuse your body metabolism and cause you to gain more weight. Some people also say that Keto helps them to sleep well and feel energized.
Keto needs time 
There is a lot of Keto stories where weight start’s burning very quick, But those cases are with the people who have a lot to reduce. If your body don’t have enough fat to melt. Keto will take time to reduce the fat in your body. You’ve heard from your childhood that the slower and steadier wins the race, it’s the same here slower and steadier cases are more healthier than others.

Your Keto diet can be customized

In a normal Ketogenic Diet- There is 75% fats, 20% protein, 5% Carbohydrates. Your daily carbs can vary from 20 grams to 50 grams. There’s is not a fixed number to get your body into ketosis. Start your Diet with 50 grams of carbs and if you don’t get the results you want start dropping it until you get your results you were dreaming about.
Ketosis varies by person
Reaching the level of Ketosis is different for everyone. It can happen quickly for one and slowly for other. Some may only reduce their weight just by diet. One may need supplements. There’s no Right-Wrong ways to get into ketosis.

Keto flu is normal

While in the beginning of your diet you may observe a flu-like feeling in your body. The reason behind it is :
1) Your body has switched over burning carbs to burning fats, your brain may be on low energy, leading you to feel nausea, headaches etc.
2) reason behind it maybe because of you’re running on low electrolyte as on Keto diet you have to urinate frequently. The Keto-flu is a good sign cause it may tell you that you’re going in the right direction.

Keto Breath

You can refer it as ‘Dragon Breath’. While after some cases of Bad Breath associated with the Keto Diet. Keto Breath is actually cause by excess Ketones and protein in your body.

Keto may impact your Workouts

You may lose some strength and endurance while in the beginning of your Keto. As your body burns carbs for fuel but now it doesn’t have that option. After sometime it will adjust your body to burn fats.

Keto can treat some medical conditions

Keto isn’t just used to reduce weight from your body but also to treat some medical conditions. The Ketogenic diet has been used for Cancer and diabetic patients. It’s also been used to reduce the number of seizures or eliminate them just by a Diet.

Keto diet is expensive

Carbs are cheap, So when you replace them with meat, cheese and fresh vegetables which can give a raise to grocery bill.

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