The Best Aromatic Plants for Your Summer Garden

The Best Aromatic Plants for Your Summer Garden - main - noteablelists
Having a house with its own garden is a great opportunity to enter the world of plants. We all like to take out the gardener we have inside and get to work planting curious seeds and taking care of beautiful flowers. The aromatic plants are essential to fill a garden with life, essence and protection. Discover the benefits they bring to your garden. You will be surprised! First, we explore you some plants that you can put in your garden.

The 5 aromatic plants for your summer garden


The Best Aromatic Plants for Your Summer Garden - rosemarry
You can buy it in any nursery or specialized store. Rosemary is perfect for beginners because it does not require great care. Make sure the pot or soil where you plant it has good drainage. It is a hardy plant but does not like water stagnations. Put it in a place where it receives direct sunlight.


The Best Aromatic Plants for Your Summer Garden - lavender
You must plant it in a semi-sandy soil so that it grows properly. It likes to have direct sunlight and needs frequent watering. Lavender has many relaxing properties so do not hesitate to collect your flowers, from the second flowering of the shrub, and make with it essential oils. Lavender can also be an indoor plant.


The Best Aromatic Plants for Your Summer Garden - Basil
During the summer you will have to water it frequently, every time you notice that the earth is dry. It needs sunlight, but not direct, or its leaves will wither. If you want to use it to cook you must prevent it from blooming or modify its flavor in an unpleasant way. One of the great advantages of basil is that it repels mosquitoes.


The Best Aromatic Plants for Your Summer Garden - Chamomile
You can have it in a pot between 40 and 80 cm in diameter with a combination of black earth, vermiculite and a little sand. You have to plant them in the middle of summer. It needs a lot of sun, but never direct and daily watering during this time. When the plant has fully blossomed you, can cut the flowers (not the stems) and dry them to prepare infusions.


The Best Aromatic Plants for Your Summer Garden - mint

In the hottest days, you will appreciate having some leaves on hand from this plant. You can add them to lemonades and other desserts for a much more refreshing effect. It is invasive, so plant it in a pot or it could kill the rest of the plants around it. Place it in a shady place and water it often, but in small amounts.

They fill your home with an incredible aroma

The main advantage of this type of plant is its aroma, as its name indicates. Get out of your house, sit on a lounger and enjoy the fusion of scents that are produced by plants like basil, thyme or sage.

Colorful and elegant

Another common feature of this type of plants is that they are very showy and elegant. With them you can give a different touch to your garden and fill it with color. Chamomile, lavender or dill are very showy aromatic plants that stand out for their incredible beauty.

Small and pretty

The aromatic plants also stand out for their small size, so they can be planted anywhere. If you do not have your own garden at home, you can place them on the terrace with few pots. They are great!

Very easy to grow

Do not plants last? Are you tired of drying out at the first change? This type of plants are very easy to grow and do not require many resources to plant them.

Pollinate and control pests

The aromatic plants also attract insects in charge of pollination, so they help to take care of the environment. At the same time, they are the perfect allies for the rest of the plants because they control the pests because they are natural repellents.

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