What Is Depression and Anxiety? Causes and Ways to cope.


Depression is the feelings of sadness. It also states the condition of your temper and other symptoms which are extreme, enduring and upsetting. Depression is a real illness which impacts your brain. And you can say it is a lot more than feeling low. It is indeed a severe illness due to the changes in brain chemistry. The other factors for the onset of depression are certain medical conditions, stress, stressful life situations, changes in hormonal levels and heredity. Again, it is a severe condition and unfortunately a common one in recent times.

The WHO symbolizes depression as one of the most prominent disabling disorder in the world, which affects one in ten men and one in five women at some stage during their lifetime. As per reports, 21% of women and 12% of men suffer depression at some point. So isn’t it a serious threat to us!

The influence of depression is even more if it combines with diseases like diabetes, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Depression, if left untreated leads to severe outcomes. But if treated on time, then its symptoms are manageable.

What Instigates Depression?

Several factors are responsible for the onset of this disorder like stress, substance abuse, genetic characteristics, and medical illness. A change in brain chemistry leads to the symptoms of depression.
    Some past maltreatment can intensify the depression afterward in life.
    Few drugs like isotretinoin and corticosteroids also increase the chance of depression.
    It can also happen due to some personal conflicts and disputes with relatives and friends
    The sadness and grief because of the death of a near one can also instigate depression.
    Family history can also increase the chance of depression. The genetics of depressions like psychiatric disorders are quite complicated to handle.
    Situations after a new job or else the time before getting married also trigger the case of depression as well as in the opposite case.
    The social isolation and loneliness also contribute to the risk of mounting depression
    Many times the term depression exists with significant illness and due to some medical condition as well.
As per the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the most general illness worldwide and the first reason for disability. As per their estimation, around 350 million people are influenced by depression, globally.

Coping With Depression

There are various ways to deal with depression. The primary option is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, antidepressant medicines. And in some more severe cases the Electroconvulsive therapy.
For some people, antidepressant medication will be the primary way of treatment to eradicate the depressed mood. For mild to moderate depression, those antidepressant is not recommended.
Another significant way to cope up with depression is education. It is quite valuable for the depressed people. It provides a piece of knowledge which offers the patient an excellent control over the disorder. And that control only leads to a reduced feeling of vulnerability and increase the sense of wellness. Therefore, education and coping strategies are also necessary when learning to manage your depression.

What Is Anxiety In Reality?

Coming across occasional anxiety is a regular part of our life. However, some people with anxiety disorders regularly have extreme,  and continuing worries and fear of everyday situations.
Many times, anxiety disorders involve frequent occurrences of sudden feelings of severe anxiety and fear or terror that reach a peak within a minute. These feelings of panic interfere are quite challenging to manage. These symptoms may start from the childhood and continue until adulthood. There are several anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, social disorder, and phobias. Sometimes the anxiety results from, a medical condition as well.

What Causes Anxiety?

The causes of anxiety disorders aren’t fully recognized, but due to some traumatic events, or say inherited traits leads to the chaos. Let’s point out few causes of this anxiety.
    In some people, anxiety starts from a medical illness. The medical problems those are linked to anxiety are heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and respiratory disorders as well.
    Sometimes anxiety can be due to a side effect of specific medications. It also materialized due to some stress from a personal relationship, financial problem, job, as well as due to a shortage of oxygen in high-altitude areas.
    Extreme anxiety  primarily starts with the stress of day-to-day lifestyle.

Ways To Cope with Anxiety

To get rid of anxiety, you have to gain control over your worries. In this case, various psychological treatments play a vital role to help people with this type of disorder. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offers the most reliable and long-lasting improvements.
Some medications, like antidepressants, are quite useful in reducing the worries. But the effect remains up to the medicinal power. Benzodiazepines such as Valium offers short-term relief, but they are addictive. For this reason, they are not recommended for continuous use. 

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