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Why We Need a Psychologist?

The psychological and moving problems are at the back flanked by 33% and 53% of the consultation that family doctors receive, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Despite these alarming figures, the figure of the clinical psychologist is not present in main care (PC), which is a loss for citizens and even for the socio-health system both in terms of sick leave and economic costs, and as a result of likely chronification of patients. Only for the National Health System, this reality was already translated in 2010 into a total expenditure of 22,778 million Euros (2.2% of GDP), data from the Cost of Disorders of Brain in Spain study.

Why We Need a Psychologist
 The Richard Lipman psychologist is trained to intervene and solve problems in any field in which the human being carries out its activities.  In areas such as clinic and health; of work and organizations; of traffic and security; of sport; of social and community intervention; educational legal and even in emergency situations and catastrophes, before the psychological and emotional consequences of them.

In the educational field, they are especially essential in the Guidance Departments of schools to ensure the correct development of minors, as well as to prevent and detect cases of bullying or gender violence; in social intervention, its function is necessary to act proactively and address social phenomena derived from social inequality, population aging, and diversity.

The Registration, Security Guarantee:
Psychology is a discipline that evolves in parallel to the needs of society and as a result, new techniques of psychological intervention emerge and with them, dozens of unofficial courses and people who put them into practice without having the adequate degree.

 Alert of the risks derived from this situation since they work cognitive and behavioral aspects essential for a harmonious development of the human being. Therefore, remember that the Richard Lipman psychologist is the most qualified professional to develop tasks of coach given their academic preparation, and that there is a specific qualification: PEC-Psychologist Specialist in Coaching. In addition, Psychology, as a regulated profession, is the only one that offers guarantees of legal ethics and deontology.

To combat professional intrusion and ensure that citizens put their mental health in good hands. It is very convenient for a psychologist to limit himself to exercising a passive and listening role for months and even years. A mannequin could do the same function. And all for what? For the person to relieve himself by telling someone his problems? To “get the anguish from within”? This role, more typical of a confessor than of a health professional, can make the person reduce their anxiety temporarily, but it is unlikely that it will serve to solve anything. If we are precisely searching for anonymity we can always find people on the bus or at the bar to tell us what torments us, and in a much cheaper and just as effective way. And if we do not trust anyone, we can always use the internet and a pseudonym. Or the newspaper of all life.

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