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12 Easy Ways To Maintain Dental And Oral Hygiene

All our health maintenance starts with our living which includes brushing, regular bathing, timely eating habit, proper cleaning of all parts of the body, neat and tidy clothes. Our deal is to lead a healthy life at the same time enjoy our life. Isn’t? Let us now have a quick check on the following for better oral prophylaxis. Why do I focus on oral health? because oral health is the mirror of a total body system.

12 Easy Ways To Maintain Dental And Oral Hygiene - Noteablelists

One, Proper brushing habit (the brushing must be from inside out or in the up-down-up method). Many of us are ready to brush regularly, but proper brushing is the matter of concern. The second method of cleaning teeth is rotation motion. This is moving the brush in a clockwise direction, so that the bristles in the brush reaches all the parts of the teeth and gives plaque free teeth. “The whitening of the teeth is never required” if followed, brushing two times a day. All the debris is easily be removed out. 

 Two, we brush two times a day for two to three minutes will make your oral health be in good standards ensuring the formation of the pellicle is eradicated in the beginning as such. Certain dentists even prefer brushing intermittent times after lunch, at times when sticky foods are consumed. 

Three, not merely changing brush fetches good oral hygiene, but also toothpaste must be changed at regular intervals to provide a balanced effect in our mouth. There are an uncountable number of microorganisms and these grow from time to time if not taken care of through proper cleaning. 

Four, bad smell, yes of course! Halitosis is very commonly noted complaint from many patients. This can be avoided by proper flossing, brushing and rinsing after brushing. If the halitosis still persists. Mouthwash can be used in between brushing to avoid plaque formation. Many a times, improper brushing in children and adults lead to cavities, gingival loss, attrition, abrasion, loss of the tooth, loosening of gingiva forming pockets.

We might definitely wonder about so many problems in a small oral cavity. Wait, it’s still not over!!

The next, Five, smoking this is a very addictive habit. There are many health hazards due to this habit, starting from oral to all parts of the body inducing malignant conditions. For instance, when we consider an oral cavity, the smoke creates stain and that stained successively brings about calculus formation and improper brushing techniques persuades loss of teeth. Thus, eradication of smoking habit reaches good oral and general health!!! Quit! Quit! stay quite healthy!

Six,  not much, but more important, calcium and vitamin rich diet as we all are aware of calcium, playing the major role in our bones and teeth. So, when foods such as broccoli, fortified orange juices, dairy products, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables and many more are to be consumed in larger quantity to enhance the calcium content. The vitamins also are important to boost our health and oral tissue elasticity strength. 

Seven, a regular handshaking with the dentist, at an interval of every six months. This is to ensure out oral wellness. In the certain industry like Information Technology, Mechanical workers, Automobile, Workers Daily kooli’s are liable to carcinomas in an oral region as they consume more and frequent amount of tea, coffee, citrus juices, paan, hukka, betel leaves, etc. These cause severe damage. To be cautious and prevented about health in the early stages, rather than suffering in later stages without a solution.

Eight, consuming less acidic foods and drinks, these soften the tooth contents dissolving the minerals in the enamel following which there arise cavities. Sometimes we may be shocked to find that the tooth is ‘eaten out’.

Nine, prevent tooth getting hurt or traumatized. If this happens, we will notice mild to severe discoloration or swelling around the tooth. To safeguard, we can use a mouth guard or helmet while getting engaged in sports activity. Such trauma does not get rectified through minor treatments. Only the replacement of teeth.

Ten, when limiting our sugar foods that save the tooth getting decayed when it comes in contact with caries. Also, the bacteria in these sweets can turn the sugars into acids. As said previously, eats out the tooth completely.

Eleven, the chewing gum are sugar-free or prescribed chewing gums like Xylitol to prevent dental caries. It must be chewed twenty minutes in a day. Also, these chewing gums aggravate the production of saliva thus acts as a cleansing agent. This Xylitol seals gum.

Twelve, constant changing of tooth brush for every 4 months, ensuring that the bristles are soft to prevent bacterial growth in the oral cavity. In recent times, there are powered brushes that are available for kids, elders, granny’s which are electronic, chargeable so just place it on all surfaces to clean all sides of the teeth. But, they’re to be prescribed by dentists. “Not recommended when there are oral problems”

Thus the basic oral hygiene starts like this:

1. Proper Brushing
2. Brush 2 times a day
3. Change toothpastes at regular intervals
4. Use mouthwash to counter bad breadth
5. Quit smoking
6. Calcium and Vitamins
7. Regular visits to Dentist 
8. Reduce acidic food content 
9. Guard your teeth from any trauma
10. Avoid sugary food items
11. Use Sugar free chewing gums
12. Regular toothbrush replacement

When these are followed, the oral cavity is clean and maintained lesion-less; less or no carious lesions are developed; proper evaluation of oral hygiene; identification of malignant disorders at the earlier stage. For example, when a kid does not know the brushing method, parents have the responsibility to teach them the correct technique.

If you cannot do it, then take them to the dentist. They will teach the correct procedure. The entire oral health maintenance begins only at this age. As the primary teeth erupt, we think there is another set of the permanent dentition. Albeit, it is at different stages the intermittent period is not realized by many of us. We think the permanent is to be taken care of at the adult age, but the mixed dentition is the main time when caries spread to the permanent molars. Following which it infects the premolars. Never caries affect the front eight teeth (4 uppers, 4 lower) because the chances are more common only in the primary dentition. This type of caries is called rampant caries or nursing bottle caries.

When a tooth is treated through root canal treatment, then the oral care must be doubled. Regular flossing in a proper technique. Another significant point to remember is regular water intake, gives prevention against too much acid secretion, reduces dry mouth and assist in saliva production.

The most common factor to maintain oral hygiene is eating well, being on pace to compete with our daily activities. Mostly our family is very much keener in maintaining health, but the simple thing is in life gives a great deal of difference; When our oral hygiene is perfect, we can be defined on happy talking with our surroundings without uneasiness.

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