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Dermal Fillers Tips for Pre and Post Care

If you’re looking for a non-invasive procedure to recover lost volume in your face, injectable fillers may be the best option for you. Injectable fillers are an anti-aging treatment that can reduce the black circles below your eyes, reduce the appearance of fine lines around your lips, and restore the look of your cheeks.
Dermal Fillers Tips for Pre and Post Care noteablelists
“BeautyMdClinic”, provides a complete treatment plan formulated for your unique skin care needs. We provide a wide variety of Dermal Fillers Specialist in West Palm Beach that is designed for different results and situations.
Uses of Injectable Fillers:
Injectable fillers are an anti-aging solution that can be used to recover a look for your eyes, neck, cheeks, forehead, or lips.
The injectable filler you choose will depend on the skin area and desired results. That’s why you always want to discuss a professional medical spa for your injectable filler. We have vast experience in giving injectable fillers to a variety of skin types, so we can help you determine the right filler for you.
Let’s take a look at these pre- and post-filler tips:
Pre-Filler Tips:     
Avoid Alcohol and Blood Thinners:
Before and after your appointment, certain substances should be avoided to prevent complications. Avoid drinking any alcohol the night as before alcohol can dehydrate skin and thin blood. Similarly, avoid any blood-thinning medication in the days leading up to your dermal filler appointment. Yours blood ability to clot can be hindered by alcohol and blood thinners, increasing the risk of excessive bleeding and bruising at the injections sites. In order to speed up recovery and see results even quicker, make sure to avoid these substances immediately before and after your appointment.
Plan for your treatment: 
You may bruise from your injectable filler. This can range from 7 to 10 days, and sometimes longer, so plan your treatment at least a month prior to any special event.
Post-Filler Tips:
  • Avoid consuming an excess amount of alcohol or salt to avoid excessive swelling.
  • Use concealer to cover the discoloration or bruising during recovery.
  • Take Arnica Montana, an herbal supplement that helps to reduce swelling and bruising. This can be easily found in health food stores.
  • Avoid hot yoga or inversion poses for 24 hours following treatment.
  • Avoid significant movement or massage of the treated area unless instructed by the provider.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you have swelling, you may apply a cool compress for 15 minutes each hour.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours after your injections.
  • Avoid excessive sunlight or heat for 72 hours until the redness and swelling are gone.
These points will help you get the best results and the shortest recovery time for your injectable fillers, but it’s still important to consult with a popular medical spa, such as “BeautyMED SPA”. We have Dermal Filler Specialists in West Palm Beach with years of experience administering injectables, so don’t worry you’re in good hands.
Swelling, bumps, and lumps, can appear when you get fillers and other cosmetic injectables. Despite the best injectors in the country can give a patient a swelling, red spot or temporary bumps with any of the cosmetic injectables. To avoid having any severe post-treatment side effects it is best to go to the expert injector in your region. In the West Palm Beach, FL, you will find them at “BeautyMdClinic”.
Call us at (561) 203-9039, and schedule an appointment online or visit our “BeautyMdClinic” in West Palm Beach, 6905 S Dixie Hwy, Florida 33405 to start your anti-aging skin care plan.

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