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The 10 Best Yoga Positions During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery

The word ‘pregnancy’ gives happiness and indicates a whole new chapter in one’s life. however, it can make you nervous when the word delivery is heard! Isn’t it ladies?  The unbearable pain during the whole childbirth experience can give you nightmares. Here, Yoga can be used to favour our body muscles specially the thigh region, in the following ways during pregnancy:
The 10 Best Yoga Positions During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery - Noteablelists

Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy:

•    improve flexibility
•    Easiness during delivery
•    Reduce stress in the hip region 
•    Maintain peace and calm, neutral note
•    Reduce mood swings
•    Decrease Leg cramps and pain 
Yoga should be done under supervision during pregnancy. It is possible that due to some complications you may have been advised bed rest. Please consult a professional before doing Yoga when pregnant. This gives a complete good health in a natural and trusted way. As many think that yoga is tough to follow suddenly during pregnancy. No! It’s a myth. If you have proper trainer and follow proper techniques it’s a great way to carry forward your delivery through normal delivery. Let’s get on to the details of asanas and their methodology.
1. VIRABHADRASANA 2(Warrior II Pose):
It is the posture where in the knee and hand is facing the top towards ceiling. Strengthens calf muscles, expands the pelvic region facilitating the baby get placed into right position in the modified form of cat-cow. This produces positive vibration of courage, aplomb to face her delivery.
2. BADDHA KONASANA(Bound Angle pose): 
Is a sitting posture asana. The sole part of the leg is place close to each other and the knee alone moves away from the center point and reverts back to midpoint. This yoga can be done in standing posture too by placing the feet in the ground normally. It is also said as modified squat.
3. MARJARIASANA(Cat stretch):
Gives elasticity to the neck and shoulders reducing stiffness. Spine becomes more flexible as pregnancy proceeds the weight increases, at that time the backbone needs support to bare the weight of the foetus. It also tones the abdomen region, improves blood flow assuring that the reproductive organs are sturdy. 
This is also said as standing sideways and bending one arm where place both the legs together touching the ground, bending away in a lateral direction with pointing hand up to the sky from the midline. This asana keeps the spine flexible keeping the body more elastic. This helps to relieve constipation.
This is standing sideways and bending both the arms. Similar to KONAKASANA I. This asana tone’s arms, legs, abdominal organs and spine for elasticity. 
It is called the triangle pose and by bending to sideways touch one toe finger.  This is to sustain both physical and mental balance. This is more favourable for pregnant women from the center of gravity shifts. It opens the hips to favour delivery. It decreases back pain and stress. 
Also known as Butterfly pose. The hip and groin are the parts that had to be flexible for normal delivery. Thus, stretching of the thighs and knees relieves pain alleviates pain, fatigue. This can be followed even in the third trimester of pregnancy. Planning to do yoga during pregnancy trimester is the best idea. But, this must be started from the time of planning to become pregnant as initially, it is tough.
The another regular name is legs up on the wall posture, place over a pillow in the back as this favours to relive pain and swollen ankles, varicose veins, improves blood flow in the pelvic region   
It is a CORPSE POSE lie down relaxed on the mat like a corpse. This favours self-healing and repairs cells and body. 
This is a relaxing position that every cell in the body relaxes. Also helps to regulate blood flow.
But, as time moves we find it adapted easily in our regular life. Though time is an important key factor to manage as the pregnancy period is very critical to handle with nausea, constipation at times, dizziness, vomiting, etc., once it is overcome then there will be an easy and safe delivery phase. 
Generally, these exercises are to be carried out under supervision as we might be not aware of certain critical points like:

Precautions while doing Yoga in pregnancy:

•    We must avoid certain asanas like Chakrasana, Naukasana, Halasana and few more. 
•    We must avoid asana that gives pressure to the Abdomen and lower part of the stomach. 
•    Also, drinking an ample quantity of water is very important.
•    Always it is important to be at a listening level as what your body tells you. Because our body is   an excellent system than a robot. It does not intimate something going wrong, but also gives a red       signal if some atrocity is happening in our system.
•    Always try doing standing exercises during pregnancy to reduce leg cramps and muscle pains. 
•    During the second trimester do asana for holding such as breathing exercise and concentration on something that makes your labor easier. 
•   It is always effective to do asana early mornings than at mid-afternoon. This is because, few might  have morning sickness thus, to divert you and your mind it favors a lot by providing a lot of   oxygen to the body as a supplement. Rather than having pills, lemon juice this will be the best           method. 
•    Also, yoga circulates blood in uniform pattern and balances hormones. 
•    Improves flexibility in our body and favors labor at the end of the third trimester. 
•    Along with the consumption of more and more water ensures better fluid in the Intrauterine space for the fetus to begin to see the world at a happy note along with the mother. 
•    As much as you consume water, it will help you to heal from the pain after delivery at a Rapid Pace.
•    Along with the above-mentioned exercises, if you can try doing breathing exercises such as Pranayama your labor time will be short as you can inhale a lot of oxygen and hold on to push the fetus out with extraordinary force. 
•    Avoid inversion positions.
Hold on! It might be like hiking on mountain feel while reading all these, once you start it will be fruitful for you to run with your kid earlier without any stitches, healing, cuts, restrictions starting from walking to eating.
Hope you could also add on if you have any other asana that is taught during your preterm. This may help few or at least one mother to deliver her child happily without any cuts or sutures.

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