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The Benefits of Consuming Three Whole Eggs a Day

Eggs are always known to be a great protein source. People across the globe consume eggs in their breakfasts. Eggs are a mandatory ingredient of all the baking items and so many other recipes in different cuisines. I recently found out the incredible benefits of eggs with my subscription to one of the Frontier deals. My research got me some amazing nutritional facts about eggs.

The Benefits of Consuming Three Whole Eggs a Day    - Noteablelists
Let’s discuss them.

          Extremely Nutritious
A whole egg has all the essential nutrients, which are required to change a single cell to a chicken. Let’s have a look at the constituents of a single boiled egg:

      •         Folate: 5% of RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance)
         Vitamin A: 6% of RDA
         Vitamin B5: 7% of RDA
         Vitamin B2: 15% of  RDA
         Vitamin B12: 9% of RDA
         Selenium: 22% of RDA
         Phosphorus: 9% of RDA
         Eggs also have a decent amount of vitamin E, D, K, B6, Zinc, and Calcium
         An egg contains 6 gm of protein, 5 gm of healthy fats, and a total of 77 calories
         Eggs also have trace nutrients.

In a nutshell, eggs are perhaps the perfect food because they contain a bit of every essential nutrient that you need. Try using omega-3 enriched or pastured eggs. They are better because they contain slightly higher amounts of omega-3 fat and much higher amounts of Vitamin E and A.

         Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs are saturated with amazing aforementioned nutrients and have some impressive benefits. They are high in Zeaxanthin and Lutein, the antioxidants which essentially reduce the risk of eye diseases such as Cataracts and Macular Degeneration. They’re particularly high in choline, which is a brain nutrient. Around 90% of the overall population lack in this particular nutrient. Eggs are high in animal protein that has a number of benefits. Some advantages are improved bone health and increased muscle mass. No wonder bodybuilders love eating eggs. Studies also show that eggs help you in losing stubborn weight and increase satiety. Eggs are too easy to prepare. Even the worst of cooks can prepare them easily. They taste good and you simply cannot complain about the taste.

The benefits of consuming a normal quantity of eggs clearly outweigh the very few negatives.

          Although High in Cholesterol, Eggs don’t Affect Blood Cholesterol Adversely

Yes, eggs are high in cholesterol. A single egg contains around 212 mg and the recommended daily intake is 300 mg. This common perception that cholesterol in the food necessarily increases blood cholesterol is flawed. Actually, the liver produces a good amount of cholesterol every day. When cholesterol intake in the diet is increased, the liver will produce a lesser amount of cholesterol and the total cholesterol level will still stay even. However, the response to eating three whole eggs every day varies between different individuals.

       •     Eggs do not raise the cholesterol levels at all in about 70% of the people.
       •     In the rest of the 30% (the hyper-responders), eggs can slightly raise the total as well as LDL cholesterol.

However, people who suffer from genetic disorders such as familial hypercholesterolemia or some other conditions should limit or avoid eggs.

         The Benefits of Consuming Three Eggs a Day

Consuming more than three eggs a day is not recommended and is considered an uncharted territory. Whole eggs do deserve a special place on everyone’s plate, for a number of good reasons. Apart from the versatility and taste, the dense nutritional profile is the main reason that eggs should be consumed. Don’t succumb to the prevalent myths about whole eggs, egg yolks and the effects of eggs on your dieting goals and fertility. Neutralize all the rumors about eggs once and for all. Don’t deprive your body of this amazing protein source that repairs the body tissues and builds your muscle mass.

You can eat as many eggs as you want but, nutritionists and experts recommend the consumption of max three whole eggs in a day. The incredible range of essential nutrients boosts your health, improves your eyes, helps your iron deficiency, meets your need of essential vitamins, promotes weight loss (especially if you start your day with eggs because they’re highly satiating), improves brain function, improves bone health, so on and so forth.

I have been eating eggs daily now for 30 weeks now and I feel like I have the vision of an eagle and bones of a jaguar. It’s time for me to eat my eggs and hop on my yoga mat for a Pilate’s session in front of my Frontier cable. I have never felt more energetic!

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