Diabetic Shoes for Women

In 2012, the estimated incremental burden of diabetic foot ulceration in all of the United States was $9.1–13 billion. People with diabetes can have damaged body parts, specially lower parts of body such as feet. Diabetic patients have a higher risk of developing foot problems due to poor circulation of blood. One such option to ease you life can be Diabetic shoes. These specially designed shoes promote healthy circulation of blood. 
What are Diabetic Shoes? 
Diabetic shoes are also known as Sugar shoes. These are specially designed shoes which can reduce the risks of skin breakdown and promote healthy circulation of blood. The main purpose of this footwear is to prevent complications for diabetic patients. 
Diabetic Shoes for Women - Noteablelists

They should be wider and deeper to allow proper air and blood circulation in the feet. Sweat accumulation can cause infections if shoes are worn for long time. The insoles are designed to handle pressure points for the feet. 
Diabetic shoes are different from normal shoes. They have a more flexible toe box for better circulation and are wider as compared to normal shoes. This improves circulation of blood and helps to heal cuts and infections little faster.
These shoes can be essential in case you have a foot deformity, previous ulcerations, poor circulation, partial foot amputation, etc. 
Top benefits of diabetic shoes:
1 . Improves blood circulation
2. Prevent calluses
3. Relief from pain 
4. Prevent skin breakdown
Types of Diabetic Shoes:
1. Healing shoes – These can be worn while recovering from any foot problem.
2. In-depth shoes – These shoes are a little deeper than normal shoes. This can facilitate and foot changes which are very common in diabetic patients like calluses. The depth shoes must have some closure like velcro or zipper as they cannot be slip on type.
These shoes should be made of leather or equal quality material.
3. Custom-made shoes – These are custom designed as per your foot’s shape and size. They have removable inserts which can be customised or replaced as the foot condition and shape changes. These foot are constructed after taking a real foot mold. These shoes can also be made of leather or similar quality material. These are also not a slip on shoe type.
Where to find diabetic shoes?
There are professional orthotist that can design and make diabetic shoes. It is also possible to get them online or a speciality store. Most of the time it’s difficult to find suitable diabetic shoes for women. Women mostly avoid diabetic shoes for the reason that they look ugly. With time there are many companies catering to this section of customers and their needs. Many leading online shopping portals have variety of designs and colors to choose from.
Always remember below points while buying diabetic shoes for women:
1. Lightweight
2. Flexible
3. Shock-absorbing sole
4. Always buy shoes in the afternoon because this is when your feet tend to swell.
Always avoid shoes with pointed toes and too flat sole. Simply because they don’t allow even foot pressure distribution. 

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