Hawaii Doctor Uses OxyHealth Chamber to Treat Patients Painlessly

Hyperbaric therapy is not a new concept in the fields of science and medicine. This form of non-invasive and painless therapy has been used for decades to treat decompression sickness in deep-sea divers, gas embolism, chronic wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning, and many more such ailments. However, of late, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is being applied as a non-traditional treatment method to counter certain ailments and disorders such as cancerous tumors, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, and many more.
Hawaii Doctor Uses OxyHealth Chamber to Treat Patients Painlessly - Noteablelists

One of the many doctors in the world to apply the benefits of hyperbaric therapy to treat patients is naturopathic physician Deborah Ardolf, a resident of Hawaii. Ardolf uses OxyHealth’s Vitaeris 320 mild hyperbaric chamber to treat her patients painlessly. The hyperbaric chamber benefits the patients by creating an environment filled with pure oxygen, where pathogens and other harmful microorganisms cannot survive, effectively eliminating them from the body.
As of now, Ardolf is the only practicing physician in Hawaii who uses an OxyHealth hyperbaric chamber to treat her patients in a painless manner. According to Ardolf, most of her patients have been diagnosed with some type of cancer. The Hawaii-based doctor claims that cancerous tumors can’t survive and thrive in a pure oxygen environment, which is why she makes her patients use the OxyHealth Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chambersix days a week.
OxyHealth Hyperbaric Chamber Helps Hawaii Doctor Treat Cancerous Tumors

To help her patients reap the hyperbaric chamber benefits in a proper way and get used to the therapy, Ardolf limits the introductory HBOT sessions to a mere 15 minutes.
However, with time, she slowly but steadily increases the duration of the hyperbaric sessions, so that the patients can spend more and more time breathing pure oxygen inside the OxyHealth hyperbaric chamber. The 15-minute session increases to 30, 45, and finally 60 minutes, depending on the severity of the individual’s health condition.
Ardolf claims that her patients come from Kona and Waimea, located on the far end of Hawaii Island, to undergo this non-invasive and painless form of therapy. The patients who are already fatigued and exhausted by coping with their illness, do not have to worry any further about needles and other types of invasive medical equipment causing them pain and discomfort. All they need to do is to lie down inside the Vitaeris 320, relax, and preferably drift off to sleep. Ardolf compares the treatment procedure with meditation, with no cell phones or technology to disturb the patient.
One of Ardolf’s patients, Jill (last name kept hidden on request) was suffering from lymphoma when she approached the Hawaii naturopathic doctor to apply hyperbaric therapy in conjunction with chemotherapy and other traditional methods of cancer treatment. Jill stated that she reaped the hyperbaric chamber benefits after undergoing chemotherapy to detoxify her body and prevent the further growth of cancerous tumors.
Similarly, Deborah (name changed on request), who suffered from lung cancer, has been using the OxyHealth Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber at Ardolf’s clinic and can now breathe much better and more easily than before. Apart from cancer, hyperbaric therapy is an effective treatment for chronic wounds as well. A patient from Waimea (name not disclosed on request), has been visiting Ardolf in Kapaau to treat small cuts, wounds, and scrapes, which were not healing for quite a long time. After undergoing the hyperbaric therapy, the patient claims that her health is much better than before and she can now ride horses as well.
What is Hyperbaric Therapy and How Does Hyperbaric Chamber Benefit Patients?

The Mayo Clinic states that when a part of our body’s tissue is damaged, that area requires an additional supply of oxygen to heal and to counter infections. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT also counters inflammation and helps in promoting blood flow. Patients undergoing hyperbaric therapy breathe in pure, unadulterated oxygen in ambient air pressure greater than what is normally found at sea level.
OxyHealth, a major manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers in the United States, states that the higher air pressure helps the pure oxygen to dissolve in all the body fluids, including the blood plasma. This enables the delivery of additional oxygen to the damaged tissues, where blood flow is restricted. The flow of pure oxygen hastens the natural healing process and counters further deterioration of health effectively.
A key element of this natural treatment is the usage of a hyperbaric chamber. The hyperbaric chamber benefits patients by keeping the pure oxygen in place under high air pressure. These chambers generally come in two forms – hard and soft chambers. While the hard hyperbaric chambers like the OxyHealth Fortius 420, made of steel, can accommodate air pressures up to 3.0 ATA, soft hyperbaric chambers like the Vitaeris 320, can accommodate an operating air pressure of 1.3 ATA.
In Conclusion:

The hyperbaric chambers benefit not only patients suffering from cancer but they also counter sports-related injuries like muscle injuries, bone bruises, ankle sprains, and ligament tears. Neuro-developmental disorders like TBI, ASD, and Cerebral Palsy can also be treated with HBOT. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is yet to approve the application of HBOT for these disorders, physicians and medical professionals around the world have seen first hand the efficacy of this alternative treatment procedure.

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