Karwachauth Special – Love is beautiful

Karwachauth Special - Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful.

Karwachauth Special - Love is beautiful

Aarti was a Civil engineer. She was intelligent , hard working and a charming personality. But her qualities were measured more by her looks , than her qualification. She had a wheatish complexion and was short heighted and every prospective groom wanted a Miss World as their Mrs. Two years had passed and his father was not able to find a perfect match for her. Even, most of her friends and younger cousins had got married. The relatives would look at her with question mark in their eyes. Everyone would give her tips to improve her complexion. Even they would ask her parents,” Why have you given such a high education to your child ? She is a girl who needs to know to handle the kitchen perfectly.” She would cry silently in her room and would just pray to give a partner who would understand her completely.

Then Amit came into his life as a cool breeze. Amit was an architect. It was an arranged marriage which was solemnised by their parents. It was her first Karwachauth. She wore the beautiful red saree, gifted by her husband. She looked like a diva in that attire with red bangles , red Bindi and sindoor . Amit kept looking at his wife. Aarti stood behind the sieve, looking divine and pure. Both were looking at their own moon, one in the sky and the other on the Earth. It was a #Madeforeach other moment. Both gave water to each other as it was his husbands first Karwachauth too. Amit held Aartis hand and said, ” You are looking like a princess today. Like your name, you have brighten my life with your love. You have taken care of me, my family and business so well. I am the luckiest husband to have you as my life partner. ” A beautiful smile spread on Aarti face. “I am more luckier than you Amit”, said Aarti. Both held their hands together , and went downstairs to cut their first anniversary cake.

Love is a beautiful feeling where two hearts beat together. Love is unconditional, supportive and understanding. Love is like a cool breeze which wipes away your stress and tiredness. Sometimes it is sweet and sometimes salty.

It is calm like sea and serene like moonlight. Love is when eyes communicate more than words. Love is fighting every alternate day and patching up with a red rose next morning. Love is husband singing for his wife, “Aye Meri Zohra Zabeen” after sixty years of marriage.

Love is when there are tears in eyes of partner, even when one of them goes out for a short duration. Love is always forgetting birthdays and anniversaries, but always remembering the time and name of medicines to be taken by the other. Love is standing by your partner, no matter what happens.

That is why they are called life partners, enjoying the beautiful journey of life together.

Love is when your life partner becomes your soul mate and together they paint the canvas of life , to create a beautiful painting. Love is beautiful. Love is powerful….


Article and drawing by:
CA Pooja Kabra

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