Dark Circles – Causes and Ways to Get Rid of Them

Dark Circles - Causes and Ways to Get Rid of Them - Home remedies - noteablelists

There are many skin problems that make the face look dull, tired and dark. Everybody wants a radiant and glowing skin, without any problems. There are serious skin problems that can cause serious health issues and protecting the skin and getting rid of such problems is a good idea. One of the major problems that irritate many people is dark circles under the eye. These dark circles make the skin look dark, dull and gives the entire face a very unhealthy look.  There are many ways to solve the problem of dark circles as this is a major cosmetic problem for men and women all over the world.


What are Dark Circles?

Dark circles as the name suggest are dark areas around the eyes caused by various problems. These dark circles are often partnered with bags under the eyes and puffiness under the eyes. There are many reasons for dark circles. Dark circles appear more common among the elderly, stressed individuals, people from tropical countries and people who have a genetic predisposition towards dark circles. There are many causes of dark circles and if the skin is not taken care of, dark circles can deepen and the face can look pale, dull, dark and unhealthy. The following are some of the causes of dark circles:

Causes of Dark Circles

  • Lack of sleep is a major problem that causes dark circles. Lack of sleep makes the skin dull and the dark tissues and blood vessels under the eye become visible. Oversleeping caused by fatigue also causes dark circles. There can be fluid buildup under the eyes with making the area under the eyes look puffy and “bags” appear under the eye because of these reasons.
  • Stress is a major factor that causes dark circles. Eye strain is another reason for dark circles to appear under the eyes. The blood vessels under the eye can enlarge due to eye strain which creates an appearance of dark circles under the skin.
  • Sometimes itchiness, redness, and puffiness under the eye can be caused by different allergies and dryness of skin. These factors also play a role in causing the dark circles.
  • Water is a major factor in keeping the skin radiant, moist and hydrated. Dehydration is another factor for dark circles. Sun exposure is another major factor in causing dark skin and dark circles. Sun exposure causes pigmentation of skin as melanin increases in the skin due to sun exposure.
  • Dark circles are hereditary and run in a family. Many people who have a family member with deep dark circles are prone to dark circles under the eyes.

 Treatments for Getting Rid of Dark Circles

 Dermatologist Treatments

 There are many types of dermatology treatments that help patients get rid of dark circles around the eyes. These include laser treatments, medical tattoos, chemical peels that reduce pigmentation, surgical implants of fat, tissue fillers, and many such cosmetic procedures. Dermatology treatments work very well with most patients and people with dark circle can opt for many dermatology treatments that are minimally invasive but give a great result. Dermatology treatments are expensive and people can use many home remedies to lessen or get rid of dark circles from the skin. There are many eye creams and under eye lotions that help with dark circles under the skin.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

  • Getting adequate sleep is the best way to reduce dark circles. Without proper sleep, dark circles will only worsen and the stress and fatigue caused by lack of sleep shows in the dark circle under the eyes.
  • A cold compress is a great way to reduce dark circles. A cold compress can reduce swelling under the eye and also shrinks the blood vessels that cause the appearance of dark circles.
  • There are many ways in which many natural ingredients can be applied under the eye to help reduce the dark circles under the eyes. Some of the ingredients include cucumber slices, soaked cold tea bags, milk, aloe vera, rose water, mint, turmeric, and potatoes are all natural ingredients that can be applied under the eye to remove dark circles.

There are many ways in which dark circles can be reduced or eliminated using the above -mentioned solutions. Dark circles look really unhealthy and in a cosmetic sense solving the problem of dark circles is a good idea.

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