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Sunspots – What are they and How to get rid of them?

Sunspots- What are they and How to get rid of them - sunspots on skin -noteablelists

The rays of the sun reach the earth and different areas on the planet receive rays of the sun in varying degrees of intensity. The sun’s rays are most intense in the tropical regions particularly during noon and the afternoon hours. Going out in the sun without protection can be damaging to the skin as the UV rays of the sun can harm the skin. There are a large number of skin problems that can arise from exposing the skin to the sun for a long period of time. Some of the problems include sunburn, darkening of the skin, and dullness of skin and sun spots that appear on the skin. Sunspots make the skin look dark, dull and uneven and are a major problem caused by the rays of the sun.

Sunspots- What are they and How to get rid of them - sunspots on skin -noteablelists

What are Sunspots?

Sunspots are dark spots that are flat and brown in color that appear on the skin if the skin is exposed to the rays of the sun. These sunspots are a skin condition caused by the sun and they have nothing to do with any other health issues. These sunspots discolor the skin and these brown spots appear on the face, shoulders, back, and even on hands when the skin is exposed to the sun. These sun spots are more pronounced and likely to appear later in life usually in middle age of a person. If no treatment is done to getting rid of sun spots, they will continue to appear on the skin. If a person keeps going out in the sun without any protection, more sunspots will keep appearing on the skin giving the skin a dark, tanned and freckled look. The following are some of the ways in which people can get rid of sunspots:

Prevention of Sunspots

Prevention is always better than cure. For preventing sun spots, the easiest way is to protect the skin from the sun. If possible, staying out of the sun, especially when the intensity of the sun is the strongest is a good idea. Using a strong sunscreen lotion with good SPF factor will protect the skin from the sun. Avoiding tanning beds, avoiding the sun in the afternoon, using an umbrella, covering the skin with clothing are all easy ways to prevent sun spots.

Cosmetic Treatments

Nowadays there are many cosmetic treatments that can be undertaken to eliminate sun spots from the skin and helping the skin get a lighter, de-tanned and glowing look. Some of the common cosmetic treatments that are very popular and include treatments like intense pulse light treatment, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro needling, and cryotherapy. Going to a dermatologist for skin treatment is becoming increasingly popular as these treatments give guaranteed results in most cases. There are however many home remedies for sun spots and people can get rid of their sun spots in a more natural way. The following are some of the ways in which sunspots can be treated in a natural way:

Home Remedies and Natural Treatments for Sun Spots

There are many ingredients available at home that can be applied on the skin to remove sun spots from the skin. There are many recipes online where two or more of these ingredients are used together to create a facial to remove sun spots. Some of the natural ingredients that can be used to remove sun spots include aloe, lemon juice, onion juice, horseradish, papaya, castor oil, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, green and black tea. Some other effective ingredients include licorice extract, milk, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, sandalwood, coconut water, buttermilk, cucumber, gram flour, and fuller’s earth.  Applying either of these ingredients on the areas of the skin with sun spots will help reduce and eventually remove the sun spots from the skin.

There are many ways in which sunspots can be eliminated from the skin easily through all the treatments available as mentioned above. Though sun spots are usually not life-threatening and are usually not cancerous. However, they are not healthy and make the skin look dark dull and full of freckle-like spots. Removing these sunspots will make the skin look lighter, more radiant and also younger, so it is a good choice to get rid of these sun spots.

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