What exactly is Constipation?

Constipation definition - Bowel movements - Constipation in kids- noteablelists

Constipation definition:

Constipation generally refers to a condition where bowel movements are difficult to pass.

Constipation definition - Bowel movements - Constipation in kids- noteablelists

Different people from all around the world living in various climate conditions, taking into consideration their physical activity, age and dietary habits a regular bowel movement can be from multiple times a day to few times a week. As long as faecal material waits in the colon, due to water absorption it becomes hard. Harder the stool, more difficult it is to pass. A normal bowel movement should be smooth and no extra pressure should be required to release it.

Nowadays constipation is a common symptom and usually with proper diet and exercise it can be cured.

Constipation may be a symptom of another illness in some cases and medical guidance may be required to cure the same.

In simple words:

“If your bowel movements are less than normal, or if you have difficulty in passing them, that’s a clear sign of constipation”.

Constipation in Kids:

According to Wikipedia – “Approximately 3% children have constipation including girls and boys equally affected“.
Mostly it is due to many life changes that they go through. For example – Potty training, New School, Diet changes and Emotional and Physical developments.

Constipation in New moms:

During postpartum stage women are prone to constipation. The pelvic floor muscles are important for smooth bowel movements. Hence after childbirth these muscles need time to recover and may have been damaged during the childbirth. This can also result in constipation in new moms.

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