Digestive Biscuits – Are They Really Good For Health?

Digestive Biscuits - Are They Really Good For Health - Noteablelists

Maybe you have seen many TV commercials promoting how healthy digestive biscuit are for you. Mostly the reason is shown behind this is that digestive biscuits contain much more fiber than any other biscuits does in the market. So, in this article we are going to discuss about the actual benefits of digestive biscuits or if they are beneficial for our health.

What Are Digestive Biscuits?

When we talk about digestive biscuits the first thing is to be pointed out that they are prepared with whole wheat flour. It is speculated that digestive biscuits contain the right amount of sugar and salt that is needed for your body. Digestive biscuits contain a certain amount of iron which is very necessary for your regular diet, along with containing a very low level of fat which prevents you from having higher cholesterol.

Nutritional Information

Most digestive biscuits are promoted by the manufacturer as a source of nutrients which are very much necessary for the human body. According to reports, digestive biscuits contain sugar, Carbohydrates and fiber, however they do not have any kind of Vitamins or other nutrients that will benefit you. Many doctors suggest that you should not eat digestive biscuits too much, considering them healthy, as they do not have that many nutrients as promised.

Hidden Ingredients

As we have discussed earlier digestive biscuits contain a lot of fiber in it which makes them healthy but also you should keep in mind a few things. When shopping for digestive biscuit, one should look properly at the nutritional information given on the back of the packet. One should check whether the biscuits are multigrain or are made from whole grain.

Check with your dietitian and take advice about whether you can consider digestive biscuit as an alternative to your evening snacks. It is obvious that most of the doctors will not recommend doing so.

Eat in Moderation

You might get inspired by attractive commercials campaigns that you may be seeing around you and most commonly on the television and start taking loads of these biscuits. Well, to remind you, the biscuits contain certain amounts of sugar and carbohydrates, and it is reported by many researchers that this might cause a sudden increase in your sugar level and affect your stomach. The calorie level is much higher than it should normally be in a biscuit and over eating them can cause you to gain more calories per day than you should gain if according to a healthy diet.

Healthy Alternatives to Snack

Now the question that will come up in your mind that whether they are healthy or not? If you are expecting the amount of benefit you get to see in the advertisements projected by the company, then you will be disappointed big time. These biscuits do not contain that much higher nutrition value as you expect them to contain. But, after reading the points provided below, you will no doubt understand that digestive biscuits are helpful for your digestive system.

  • These biscuits have fiber in them and a certain amount of baking soda, so it can be said that they help in improving digestive system.
  • It is true that the biscuits contain a little amount of fat, however the fat is minimal, and they will eventually result in weight loss. This is a very important point and is considered by many customers when trying to buy digestive biscuits.
  • As it is suggested that digestive biscuits contain iron, it is obviously good for your health and very much needed for your blood.


After reading this article, one may be feeling a bit confused about whether digestive biscuits are truly helpful or not. While it is true that digestive biscuits do not contain as many benefits as the TV portrays them to, they do contain quite a bit of healthy ingredients, and overall will help one’s digestive system, if one does not overdo it and consume them in excess.

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