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Foods to avoid in the Winter Season

Foods to avoid in the Winter Season

It is well known to everyone that our immunity lowers during the winter season. People become prone to viral diseases like flu, fever, cold, etc. A lot of this depends on what we eat and drink. Most chefs and dieticians will warn that buying out-of-season produce is usually a waste of money. Out-of-season produce is shipped over long distances from farms in different climates with different growing seasons. As the fruits and vegetables make their long journey, their natural sugars begin to break down, sacrificing flavor. Vitamins and minerals also disappear in the process of shipping, so you’re out-of-season produce is actually less nutritious than its in-season counterparts.

Here is a list of food items that should be avoided during winters to stay healthy:

1. Hot spices

Reaching for the spicy stuff might help clear your stuffy sinuses, but it will wreak havoc on your stomach. Avoid hot spicy foods if you have a cold or the flu.

2. Dairy

Ayurveda describes the essence of yogurt as cold, meaning that the impact of yogurt on the body is mucous-producing in nature. This is aggravated when yogurt is consumed by a person who is prone to diseases like upper respiratory infections, asthma, cold and cough. The impact of yogurt consumed at night in winters can be pretty grim. Milk is heavy for digestion when given at night to children who suffer from asthma, allergy or cough and cold. The undigested milk is mucus-forming and causes lethargy. In many homes, it is usually a practice of consuming milk at night. Seems like it’s time to end that and drink a healthy glass of milk in the mornings.

3. Alcohol

A glass of wine every once and a while won’t hurt, but heavy alcohol use suppresses the immune system. Alcohol dehydrates the body making your immune system weak and you more accessible to illness. Caffeine is also a culprit! Make sure you drink tons of water instead of, or with, coffee to help you stay hydrated.

4. Sugar

Cold weather and hot chocolate go hand in hand, but many doctors believe that too much sugar can weaken your immune system. One study found subjects who had just consumed a lot of sugar weren’t able to fight off bacteria as well as those who’d stuck to water.

5. White flour

We consume that 365 days a year anyways! But try avoiding it in the winters as white flour strips the wheat of anything useful like wheat germ and bran. It is also deprived of fibres which causes blockages in the large intestine. Try jowar-bhakri instead. It is a must for winters.

It’s better to avoid these food items to spend a healthy winter. But the positive side is that there are plethora of other foods that can keep you warm in winter and boost your immune system as well. So, treat your whole body with nutrition and not just try to combat a Rudolphy runny nose with an over-the-counter drugs. Just avoid all these food items in your diet and keep cough, cold and breathing problems at bay.

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