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How To Make Your Purse Lighter? Easy Tips

How To Make Your Purse Lighter Easy Tips - noteablelists

sometimes your purse or bag which you carry whole day with you can be the source of neck and shoulder pain due to its weight. People forget to check what is in their purses or bags regularly. Hence overtime they tend to accumulate junk and unused items which unnecessarily make your purse heavy. In case you are looking for simple tips to lighten your purse, continue reading:

  • First things first, empty the purse or bag on a flat surface. Take a look at all the items and check carefully.
  • Get rid of all the unwanted receipts, bills and papers that you may have in your purse. Keep them at home or throw away in the garbage.
  • There is no need to carry a months worth of supply of makeup, gums, tissues, loose change, etc. just pick top 5 items which are most essential and remove all extra.
  • Carry only essential debit or credit cards and keep all others at home. Most of the cards like contact cards and loyalty point cards can be stored in mobile apps for easy access.
  • Ditch all those “just in case” items like umbrella and flashlight.
  • Regularly clean out your purse to avoid accumulating clutter.
  • Also try to use a smaller bag, so that there are less chances of filling it up and making it heavy.


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