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8 Steps to Choose the Best Air Coolers for Your Home

Air coolers

The air cooler is one of the smartest cooling solutions for areas that are hot and dry. Air coolers are popular because they are economical and also environmental friendly.

Still, selecting the best air cooler for your home can be a bit confusing and tough. It is owing to the fact that there are many options in the market with many features.

Hence, here is a quick look at some factors that will help you buy the best air coolers in this article. Read on and explore more now!

  • Overview of the type of air coolers that you want to buy

The buying of a Symphony air cooler or any other should depend on how big or small area that you wish to cover. If you buy a personal air cooler to cool a medium room, then it will not work. What’s more, it will also strain the machine leading to an escalation in the power bills. Hence, you should ensure to buy a correct air cooler type for your home. A desert cooler is good to cover a medium or large room while you can get a personal cooler for your exclusive needs in a small area.

  • Check the cooling pad thickness

Your air cooler that you are buying needs to have a proper cooling pad thickness to ensure better cooling. The work of a cooling pad is to absorb the water and let air to pass or flow via them to cool it. The concept is simple – the thicker is the cooling pad, the better will be the cooling capacity of your cooler. You should ensure that the cooling pad thickness of your cooler is at least 90 cm to make it work.

  • Power consumption

Multiple types of air cooler may consume varying degree of power. A personal cooler may consume less power than a desert cooler. Hence, you should know about such details from your dealer before buying one. It will help you assess your overall power consumption and help you buy accordingly.

  • Variable speeds

A Volta’s air cooler or any other cooler that comes with variable speed options can help you adjust the fan speed and cooling easily. An air cooler is considered good if it has the regulating speed. Some air coolers also come with 3 different modes such as a natural mode, normal mode and sleep mode. They can help you adjust the speed of the machine as per your needs to make the most of it.

  • Water tank capacity

All air coolers use water as the coolant to make the area cool. Thus, it is significant to buy air coolers with large water tanks. Larger is your water tank; the longer will your air cooler function. You should opt for an air cooler as per the needs of your family. You need to opt for a large water tank cooler for a big room. You can find a varying range of water tanks in both residential and industrial air coolers. For a medium room, a cooler with a water tank of 30-50 litres is apt to last longer.

  • Water level indicator

Most of the air coolers come with a water level indicator option these days. It helps in checking the water level from time to time to refill it on time. Coolers without this function may affect your sleep as you may wake up due to heat and need to fill the water.

  • Portability

You air cooler should also let you take it from one place to another with the help of castor wheels. Hence, look for it while buying one this summer.

  • Remote control

All air coolers for medium rooms come with a remote control to control the settings. It helps you in adjusting the fan speed without getting up again and again to do it.

Buy your new air cooler on EMIs

Some of the vital considerations that you need to make to buy the best air coolers are discussed. If you are looking to buy one without poking a hole in your pockets, then you can spread the cost by opting for the easy EMI facility.

The No Cost EMI is offered by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India. It can simply let you divide the air cooler cost over a tenor to help you pay only a fixed EMI and nothing additional.

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