Fruits Which Help You Fight Summer Heat

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Have you ever guessed that what we choose to eat and the bulb that we light up can impact how hot we feel in summers? With the temperature getting hotter day by day and the heat seeming to drag and drag long, it seems almost impossible to bear any more at some point. We are left with no options but just bear it as long as we can. Best way to beat the heat is to eat the foods that keep us hydrated.

But, now you don’t have to panic. At one side when it seems that the nature is punishing us with heat for your acts, it has also blessed us with her bounty to counter it. Mother Nature have shower her blessings on us with an abundance of summer fruits to keep us cool and defend ourselves from the scorching heat of the sun.

During the summers our body lose electrolytes through the heat and sweat and thereby, hydration is much needed during the summer months. Our body needs more water to function better and stay healthy. Summers also brings in a lot of delicious and mouth-watering fruits to savour. These fruits are not only blessed with its goodness of taste, but are also very nutritious and keeps us hydrated and our skins nourished.

Listed below are some tasty summer fruits that we all should have during the summers to beat the heat and stay hydrated:


It is not by fluke that it is called as the king of fruits. There is no pleasure compared to the pleasure of enjoying juice ripe mango in the summers. Enriched with the goodness of antioxidants and various nutrients, they are not only capable of satisfying your thirst and heat with juice but also is a great way to protect the body from various chronic diseases including cancers. Mangoes are very high in beta-carotene and other minerals too.


‘Ganne ka juice’ as we locally call the juice extract of sugarcane, has been advised to have in summers by our grandma ever since we were kids. Just a sip and all the heat is gone. Loaded with plethora of vitamins is a must have for summers.


Melons, especially water melon is one fruit that is constituted of almost more than 90% water and is a perfect summer fruits to replenish the electrolyte loss and keep the body hydrated. It helps cleansing the body toxins and its high fiber contents keeps you in good gut health in summers.
Muskmelon is also high in water content and belongs to melon family. Its rich potassium contents helps keep blood pressure under control and aids cooling off in summers.


Pomegranate is a great summer fruit that helps removing toxins from the body and keeps the skin protected from sun damage. Thanks to its numerous antioxidant properties, perhaps the more than green tea also. Pomegranates not only helps us keep cool but also is a great aid in controlling heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes control, memory enhancement and improving fertility.


Papayas are great for digestion and prevents against premature aging. Rich in fibers, vitamin C, minerals and carotene, nourished the body and helps in heart health. This bitter sweet fruit is loaded with enzymes and helps keeping cool and beat the summer heat.


Needs no introduction. This one fruit is in every list when it comes to doing well for human health. It helps beat thirst and keeps us full all the time. Enriched with potassium, it helps maintain the body’s pH balance and helps in digestion. The fiber contents of bananas is a great aid in weight loss and improves our body’s immunity.


It is even recommended by dermatologists in summers to protect the skin against sun damage. The antioxidants helps prevent toxins from harming our health and its other nutrients and vitamins helps improving the body’s immunity, controls diabetes and blood pressure and other skin problems. A great aid to cool off in summers.


The use of apples to fight diseases and keeping good health has also been mentioned in the Ayurvedic scripts. Its high contents of fibers, antioxidants and flavonoids makes it an apt fruit for total health. It is not only delicious to taste but are also thirst quenching in summers. They also aid in chances of cancer reduction, control of diabetes and many heart ailments.


It is another fruit that is high in water contents and is very hydrating. You can enjoy cucumbers as much as you can in summers. It is high in fiber content and is a great aid against constipation. The presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in cucumber flushes out toxins from the body and helps in overcoming fatigue in summers due to water loss from the body.

Summers are always tiring and frustrating. A bit of carefulness and use of common sense can always go a long way in countering the heat and stay fit and healthy. A diet with these proven cooling fruits can always aid in staying cool and comfortable during the hot months.

Contributed by:
Ms. Sheela Seharawat
Dietician and Founder Member – Diet Clinic

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