How To Lose Weight Without Exercise | Easy Ways To Follow For a Healthier Weightloss

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Easy Ways To Follow For a Healthier Weightloss

Are you trying to lose some extra pounds? Do your bulges bother you and make you rethink all your outfit choices? Well, many people believe that one can lose weight only by exercising or going to the gym regularly. However, several studies have found that there are alternative methods which can help you lose pounds without exercise. So…

How much weight can you lose in a month without going to gym?

The amount of weight you can lose in a month differs on a lot of factors like age, metabolism, diet, lifestyle, etc. Trying to lose weight is a constant effort which requires dedication on your part.

Today we are not talking about any products or weight loss tonics or creams!

Infact, we have curated a simple list of do’s and don’t which will help you shed some of those heavy fats within just a few weeks. A slight change in your lifestyle, some eating habits and minute details can help you go a long way when it comes to losing weight without exercising.

Green Tea

Green tea is an optimum solution for people who are looking for loosing weight. It is a metabolism boosting drink which enhances your metabolism speed and simultaneously helps you reduce weight.

National Institutes of Health conducted a study which revealed that green tea can “reduce body weight, alleviate metabolic syndrome, and prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases” in people who drank at least 3-4 cups of green tea in a day.

Now, you might have cravings for adding just a teenie weenie bit of sugar in it because of the bland taste, but remember, this is just a phase and it shall pass too! Adding sugar or any from of sweetener can reduce the metabolism boosting abilities of the green tea, which is definitely not something you want!

Follow the anti-diet

Many people think that going on a hell bent diet with strict rules about carbs and fats would help them lose weight within days magically! Now, I’m not saying that diets aren’t effective, they definitely are, but only when done in a rightful manner.

Yes, there is a proper way of dieting and setting your own meal plan!

Cutting carbs and fats straight away from your current diet can dramatically affect your body and even cause harm to your mental health. Your body is accustomed to your current diet since years, you have to make sure that you change your diet gradually and not immediately.

Also, when people reduce their diet to lose weight, they either club it with heavy exercising or work out more every day in general like take the stairs instead of the elevator. Diets aren’t sustainable as they put a lot of pressure on the body, on top of that, some people push it more farther with exercising more. This can lead to severe health consequences, also the added amount of stress to reduce weight can release a chemical known as cortisol, a stress hormone which is associated with increased weight.

Focus on All Kinds of Protein

Meat and chicken are not the only source of protein! One needs to take a balanced and a healthy diet which includes all forms of essential proteins such as nuts, seeds, legumes, oats, yoghurt, etc.

Jamie Sullivan, a California based personal trainer says that protein requires almost 25% more energy to digest as compared to carbs. So, you can easily cut down on the carbs which might add up another bulge on your waistline and take more protein-rich food for which your body will put in more efforts for digesting it.

Eat a Small but Filling Breakfast

Do you see those beautiful oatmeal bowls and fruit salads people put up on Pinterest? You can make them too and there’s a reason why they are so popular!

Fruits + Oats Bowl = A filling and healthy meal!

I have personally seen people relying on just oats for breakfast and hoping that this alone could help them lose weight without exercising. But, oats are not sufficient enough to suffice all day long until your next meal, once your body has digested oats completely it starts giving you cravings that you’re hungry and need to eat something again.

Munching on snacks frequently can add up to your weight more. Avoid this.

Rather than just eating a bowl full of milk and oats, include some interesting flavours by adding finely chopped fruits, nuts, honey, cinnamon, cocoa powder and whatever your taste buds love. By eating a full and heavy plus healthy bowl of breakfast, you will be able to keep yourself full without any unnecessary cravings for food.

Eat Healthy fats

When you are on a weight loss diet, you should eliminate all forms of fats to reduce weight instantly! WRONG!

A long lived misconception about body weight loss is that people believe eliminating all forms of fats from their diets can easily fix their weight issues. However, this does not hold true. When you are on a strict diet or are following a scheduled meal plan to reduce weight, you have to eat healthy fats and not eliminate all of them.

Research shows that eating healthy and good-for-your-body fats like avocado on a regular basis can leave you full and satisfied. This way, you will not reach out for those extra, sugary fats or snacks later on! Once you follow this, you will yourself notice a change in your body and its cravings that is destined to help you shed some weight.

Meditate a lot! Practice Yoga

Conscious breathing is a term in yoga which basically means that you are aware of your breaths, you can feel the inhale and exhale process distinctly and are able to control the way you breathe. It helps reduce anxiety, stress, improves sleep patterns and also boosts metabolism which ultimately boils down to reducing weight, given it is combined with other measures such as healthy diet.

Meditation and yoga can jointly help you in gaining conscious breathing. Yoga entails multiple asanas which activate our body’s chakras and help us lead a happier and healthier life.

Yoga is a mild form of exercise for your mind and body.

You don’t have to go heavy on asanas, remember that yoga is a form of exercise which makes your mind calm and your body healthy. It does not cause muscle soreness, acute pains or aches like gym exercises. Instead, yoga relieves your body from any kind of stress; mental and physical.

By controlling your breathing pattern and doing regular exercises in yoga, you can lose weight up to 5-7 kgs in a month. Also, keep an eye on your diet, eating habits and sleeping patterns, you will see a difference in all of the aforementioned aspects which will help you lose weight.

Increase your Water Intake

Research shows that increased water intake can help you cut down on calories. We often confuse thirst with hunger and start off our journey on the unlimited, unhealthy, unnecessary snacking! It increases calories and thus contribute to adding more fats to our body.

Jenny Westercamp, an R.D in Chicago explains that adding a pinch of salt to your water can help it get absorbed rather than flushed out of your system. The electrolytes present in the salt pushes the water into the cells they are supposed to go into instead of urging your body to pee every time you drink water.

Staying hydrated spikes up your energy levels and keeps your body satisfied without any cravings for a longer period of time.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

According to Health Status, you burn more calories when you are asleep than you do while tossing and turning on the bed when awake. A study found that short duration sleep increased the likelihood of obesity in children by 89% and by 55% in adults. An experimental study which allowed only 5 hours of sleep every night for five consecutive days to adults proved that they gained an average of 0.82kgs over the course of the study.

Sleeping directly impacts two important hunger hormones, ghrelin and leptin. While ghrelin is a hormone released in the stomach which signals hunger to the brain, leptin is a hormone released from fat cells which indicates the fullness to the brain. Lack of sleep produces more ghrelin and less of leptin which causes increased hunger, despite of being full and leads to frequent eating or snacking.

A healthy, regular sleeping pattern has tons of health benefits. Contrarily, lack of sleep not just increases your chances of obesity but also leads to drowsiness, anxiety, irritation, mood swings and lowers down metabolism rate of your body.

Fiber- Rich Foods

Eating fiber rich foods might increase satiety, helping you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Viscous fiber is a well known fiber in the space of weight loss, it induces chemicals which indicates the body that it’s full and reduces untimely cravings.

Viscous fiber is found only in plant based foods, for example, beans, oat cereals, oranges, sprouts, flax seeds, etc. This fiber forms a gel like when it comes in contact with water which slows down the digestion process.

Eliminate Sugary Drinks

Sugary beverages have been linked to increased risk of several diseases. Drinking beverages that contain carbonated soda or have added sugary chemicals is quite easy and accessible as compared to food items that contain the same amount of calories.

Sugary drinks can equally contribute calories like any other solid food without making us feel full.

Drinks can never satisfy or fulfill our hunger needs, but they can always contribute the same amount of fats and calories which doesn’t help in reducing weight. Note that, you should not replace your diet soda with fruit juice as it contains high levels of sugar as well. Instead, try sipping some green tea, coffee and water if you are trying to lose weight without exercising.

Avoid Electronic Distractions

It is observed that people who watch TV or engage in some visual electronic activities like surfing the Internet, browsing through YouTube videos or just using Instagram lose track of time and subsequently forget the amount of food they have already eaten.

A review about 24 studies revealed that people who were distracted during their meals ate 10% more than they did in one sitting. Absentmindedly eating can severely impact your meals later in the day as well. A study found that people who were distracted during meals ate 25% more calories at later meals in the day.

Final Tips on How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

To sum up, here are all the tips that I talked about in the article and some extra information on how you can lose weight without exercising in a month for real!

  • Eat slowly, don’t gulp down your food or drinks.
  • Take a heavy but healthy breakfast that keeps you full all day long.
  • Make a mini lunch or have fruits, salads, light food instead of having big meals.
  • Take all sorts of protein rich food like nuts, yoghurt, broccoli,etc. Don’t just rely on chicken, meat and fish for all your protein needs.
  • Take some time off to do yoga everyday.
  • Eat green and clean, eliminate junk food and sugary diet sodas completely.
  • Don’t confuse thirst with hunger and avoid unhealthy snacking.
  • Sleep well, make a pattern which gives you at least 7-8 hours of sleep every single day.

The bottomline is that small steps can help you lose weight without exercising much or sweating your fat off at the gym.

Every body type is different, embrace your body and its needs. Do not shove down any specific food item or drink that your body can not tolerate. It is essential to remain happy and lead a stressful life, rather than working harder every day and stressing about losing weight.

If you are allergic to a food item, make sure you avoid at all costs no matter how much weight it can help you lose. Prepare a diet chart that is suitable for your body and keeps you fit.

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