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The Right Way To Lose Weight When You Have Diabetes

The Right Way To Lose Weight When You Have Diabetes

Losing weight finds a place in the Wishlist of many. However, when suffering from Diabetes, it becomes more of a necessity to lose weight because the sole motive then does not remain a fit, good looking body but also a well-equipped body to fight diabetes more efficiently.

However, you need to be cautious about the steps you take to lose weight, keeping in mind that any alteration in your dietary regime can fiddle with your blood sugar levels and have many other side effects. Here are a few tips to help you lose weight the right way when you have diabetes.

1.  Exercise

It is no news that exercising is one of the keys to losing weight. If you simply reduce your calorie intake without giving your body its fair share of exercise, you are more likely to lose muscle fat instead of the body fat that needs to be shed for weight loss.

In such circumstances, when you cut back on calories with no physical exercise, your body is forced to look for other sources of fuel and ends up using or burning muscle protein along with the fat stores. Exercising, on the other hand, makes sure that you lose fat, if not “weight” specifically, and building muscle in tandem.

Exercising also counters the drop in metabolism that accompanies weight loss and diabetes. It is advisable to include both cardio and strength training in your weight loss regime, as they help trim down the body and use insulin better.

2.  Include More Fibre In Your Diet

Foods rich in fibre have a very high satiety value, that means, fibre makes you feel full quickly. It adds bulk to satisfy your feeling of fullness after a meal without spiking up the blood sugar levels or adding to a load of calories.

You can enjoy a bigger portion of many high-fibre foods and still keep your calories under control.

Another reason why fibrous food leaves you feeling satisfied even after you’ve eaten a small amount of food is that it needs proper chewing – mindful chewing gives you a sense of fullness sooner and thus regulates the amount of food you eat, ultimately aiding weight loss.

If you think that your daily meals lack enough fibre, you can buy Hyfyber – high fibre soup and take it as a dietary supplement.

3.  Avoid overeating

The basis of losing weight is that, even if you can’t cut off drastic amounts of calories in a go, at least make sure that you’re not eating more calories than what your body can burn. Pay attention to the kind of lifestyle you’re living.

Is it sedentary? Does it involve light workout in the form of running, jogging or walking? or Are you highly active and take your cardio and strength training seriously?  If you’re eating out of your limits, even if it’s healthy food, nothing can stop you from gaining weight.

You might think that binging on healthy food shouldn’t hurt, but the calories still count. Hence, if you’re addicted to junk or eating when you’re bored, those are the kind of habits you will have to give up. Be aware of what you eat, and as soon as you feel full, drink a glass of water and stop eating.

4.  Eat breakfast

We’ve been taught since childhood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and despite that, we often end up skipping it. If you wish to lose weight, then never skipping breakfast is the code that you should live by.

People who skip breakfast feel more hungry during lunch hours and end up binging on food – and calories – in a go, because the body has been naturally fasting since the night. If you don’t give your body any fuel to run on, it will create its own in the form of stored blood sugar that gets released into your bloodstream — which often results in blood sugar that’s too high.

The trick is to keep your metabolism going all day long at a steady rate. If you are tight on time, try to have a handful of almonds and walnuts, a toast or egg and fruits. Buy high protein soup especially curated for diabetics to complete this meal. This will kick start your metabolism for the day.

5.  Cut down on calories

It’s the basic math of body – eating more calories than what you can burn will lead to weight gain. Now the question is, how do you know how many calories can you burn? The exact number of calories that people on a diabetes diet should consume depends on a number of factors, including age, gender, current weight, activity level, and body type.

A reasonable goal for people with type 2 diabetes is between 1,200 and 1,800 calories per day for women and between 1,400 and 2,000 calories per day for men. Choosing the right food filled with fibre, protein and healthy fats can help keep calories in check.

Complement your diet with some best weight loss products for diabetes that can help you fine-tune the ideal calorie range to achieve weight loss while managing your blood sugar levels.

6.  Eat mini meals

For people with diabetes, it is advisable not to restrict yourself to two meals a day even if you want to lose weight. Having four to five mini meals a day allows for a slower, continuous absorption of food, which prevents your body from ever switching over to a fasting state and creating its fuel like it does if you skip breakfast.

A consistent and frequent eating routine can help you in avoiding peaks and valleys in blood sugar range. Among the benefits are decreased blood sugar levels after meals, reduced insulin requirements during the course of the day and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Eating several small meals may also decrease your hunger and reduce the overall number of calories you eat during the day. Frequent meals keep your metabolism active and help in controlling the blood sugar.

All the above steps can help you lose weight and practice weight management, while also eating to your heart’s content and living a healthy life. No matter how busy your schedule is, always take time out to exercise for 15 minutes every day. Couple this with healthy eating habits, and you will definitely have your way against diabetes.

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