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Truth About Green Tea And Weight Loss

Truth About Green Tea And Weight Loss benefits of green tea weight loss

The many health benefits of drinking green tea is not unknown to humans. For hundreds of
years green tea has been used for its many medicinal benefits to heal various ailments and has
also a lot of other benefits and one of them being weight loss.

Now a day’s diet pills and similar products are considered as an important tools for weight
loss. Diet pills, in common are the most preferred and used tool, with high hopes to help
people losing weight. But, have you noticed one product common is all these dietary
supplements? Its green tea.

The Link between green tea and weight loss

There is a strong link between green tea and weight loss. It is said that even if you do nothing
– no diet and no exercise, you would still lose weight. Green tea works in a number of ways
in getting rid of the unwanted weight.

Firstly, it improves the level of metabolism. It is our metabolism that decides how fast we are
going to lose weight. If you have slow metabolism, you won’t lose weight fast and quick
AND it is the vice versa for people with faster metabolism. A faster metabolism will
metabolize the food that we eat and we will never put on weight.

Secondly, it helps in the fat burning process of the body. Green tea is an admirable fat burner.

Thirdly, it aids in burning excess calories. Heightened metabolism and increased fat burning
capabilities also means that you would burn more than normal calories that we eat.
Supplemented with a balanced and healthy diet, green tea will certainly help you not only to
lose weight, but also maintain it forever.

The reasons for the popularity of green tea for weight loss

Many asks that how is it possible to lose weight with drinking just a tea? Incredulous as it
may sound, it is really possible to lose weight alone by drinking green tea. Here are some of
the ways, how it does:

It suppresses appetite

People face reduced cravings when they start drinking green and all because of the reduced
appetite. Various studies conducted on the subject also confirms the same. When our appetite
is considerably reduced after consuming green tea and thus we do not feel those unhealthy
food cravings that make us eat excess and particularly calorie laden ones.

It helps augment the hours of exercise

If you are an exercise freak, then considering drinking green tea. Drinking green tea helps in
improving the hours you spend in the gym. As exercise can considerably help us in burning
more calories and also boot metabolism. This will further propagate developing lean muscle
mass and thereby fat loss.

It decelerate of converting complex carbs into simple sugars

Green tea has scientifically proven to slow down the process of converting the complex
carbohydrate in the food into sugars. As a further result, the process of conversion of these nutrients into fat is thereby delayed. Green tea makes us feel full, and thus signaling the body not to eat any more and thus absorbing fat from the foods.

It decreases body fat and cholesterol levels

Catechins, the fat fighting polyphenols are found in abundance in green tea. Taking catechins
through drinking catechins helps in the reduction of body fats and lower the levels of
cholesterol. Another such substance called EPCG is also actively found in green tea that is
responsible for appetite suppressant.

It regulates blood sugar and insulin levels

Sudden high rise in insulin the body further signal to store fat. Green tea regulates blood
sugar levels and thereby preventing the production of more insulin. Your drop in insulin
levels will drop by drinking green tea and thereby drop in weight.

It promotes metabolism

Studies says that just by drinking two cups of green tea in a day can raise out metabolic rate
by almost 4 %. A phytochemical present in green tea raises thermo genic activities in the
body (the rate and activities that burns calories). This same phytochemical also increases the
process of oxidation of body fat (the burning of fat cells).

The high amounts of polyphenols in green tea cause fat burning in the body. It enables he
enzymes in the body that helps dissolve the excess triglycerides. Triglycerides are much
required by the body as a source of energy and other physical activities of the body. But if
these triglycerides are present in excess, they gets converted into fat and can be a cause of
obesity and weight gain.

Green tea also helps us with our endurance levels, so that we can perform better and still stay
energized and active. As discussed earlier exercise is a great way to improve metabolism and
thus more weight loss.

Green leaf tea has a great taste. It can be found in many forms like as tea bags, drink mixes,
or even bottled readymade drink. Some are even mixed with flavors such as lemon and fruits.
If you decide to try and lose weight by drinking tea, is a very good option and not to mention is also very beneficial to the overall health.

Contributed by:
Ms. Sheela Seharawat
Dietician and Founder Member – Diet Clinic

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