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A Beginners Guide To Basic Tarot Card Reading | Tarot Life

A Beginners Guide To Basic Tarot Card Reading | Tarot Life

Tarot is a science that intrigues us all. It is divine, mystic, as well as interesting. It requires a lot of study and time to get a detailed knowhow of  how to read tarot cards. A lot of practice & years of experience is required to master this divine art. But, the first step is curiosity about tarot cards. So, are you curious to know about the practice of tarot reading but don’t know where to begin? Want to learn how to read tarot cards and how do the basic tarot cards work? Does making predictions interest you? Then, this guide to tarot reading is just for you!

Before we begin this tarot for beginners guide, it is important for us to know about the tarot cards and tarot card reading

What are tarot cards?

Tarot cards have been in use since time immemorial.  Initially around 15th century, it was in the form of a card game that people played for leisure. But, eventually, people started to use the same cards to connect with the divine & mystic mysteries of life.

Each tarot card in a tarot deck (a deck consists of 78 cards – 22 Major Arcana and 56Minor Arcana) carries its own story. The symbolism, energy, imagery, meaning and significance of every tarot is unique and each reflects differently on different aspects of life including love, career, money, health, etc.

Tarot is nothing but a way to rediscover ourselves. It is a medium that helps us connect to our soul, and realize the power and ability that we possess. These mystic cards  empower us to take decisions when we are confused or flummoxed with the ongoing issues of our life.

To learn about the magic and mystery of these beautiful tarot cards will surely be a delight to you. So, let’s begin!

Step by Step Guide To Basic Tarot Card Reading

A Beginners Guide To Basic Tarot Card Reading | Tarot Life

Learning about the vast world of Tarot is no easy task. There are certain rules and protocols one has to follow religiously to master this psychic and intuitive science. Here, we have tried to simplify the task for you by laying down the rules that you should abide by before you begin your learnings. These steps are a must to follow for Tarot for beginners out there.

  • Step 1 – Choose Your Deck Wisely– There are numerous Tarot decks that are available in the market, and every deck resonates differently. You should select a deck that you can connect with instantly and feel comfortable about. Do your research thoroughly and then pick the deck of your choice.
  • Step 2 – Get comfortable with the Tarot cards– Now, once you have bought the deck, it’s time to understand the cards thoroughly.  Play with these cards, flip them one by one and spend some time in deciphering their meaning and symbols. Look at the image of each tarot card and ask yourself:-

How do you feel?

What is your first impression?

What colors do you see in the cards?

These questions will help you establish a connection with your cards. Pick them one by one and analyze their colors, symbols and try to connect with them. Shuffle and reset them and then study them again; this will help you enhance your intuitive power.

  • Step 3- Practice Daily – Nothing beats the daily habit of reading the tarot cards in order to gain expertise in this divine science. With regular practice, you will become more connected with your cards and thus will be more adept in Tarot reading. Ask various questions to yourself and maybe even note down the answers according to the tarot card you have picked. Match them with the events at the end of the day. This will enable you to know where you went wrong and even boost your confidence.
  • Step 4 – Try Different Spreads – Tarot spreads are also an ideal medium to enhance one’s tarot reading abilities. Start from a simple three card spread if you are a beginner and then move gradually towards the complex Celtic cross spread You may gain a lot of insights by using a simple spread, and as you practice more, you can try more complex spreads. It will surely take some time, but it will be worth the effort.  While you read, be attentive to the cards and try to understand the message they are conveying. Record your readings and be committed to improving the same. 
  • Step 5 – Listen to your intuition– Tarot reading is all about intuition & perspective. It is about the energy that you feel and the vibes around you. Even a negative tarot card could yield positive results if your gut says so. Always listen to your intuition. Give your instinct a priority.

Passion and curiosity will take you places in this field.  Focus on taking one step at a time and do not try to achieve everything at one go. Tarot reading is a blend of understanding the tarot cards as well as honing your intuitive powers. Make sure to work on both these aspects before you start reading Tarot cards professionally.

Learning About Tarot Cards With An App

A Beginners Guide To Basic Tarot Card Reading | Tarot Life

As queer as it may sound, but it is quite possible. You can learn tarot cards and tarot card reading with the help of an application. There are various tarot reading applications available online which can make things simple for you. And one of the best Tarot Learning apps that I have come across is Tarot Life.

Why Tarot Life?

There are various reasons why you should go for Tarot Life to begin your tarot journey:

  1. It has detailed meaning of all the Tarot Cards along with the explanation of each card’s symbols.
  2. This app houses the most extensive Tarot spreads for Love, Career, and Finance
  3. Its Yes/No Tarot Card Reading feature will enable you to better understand the cards and their positive as well as negative influence.
  4. The readings of this application are incredibly on-point with which you can compare your own readings and sharpen your tarot reading skills.
  5. Numerology is another interesting feature of this application which you can try your hands on and learn about.

So, are you ready? Download Tarot Life today and take your journey of tarot learning in the right direction. The icing on the cake? It is available for Free download

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